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Serifos is a small and picturesque island of the Aegean Sea that is really attractive because of its wild beauty. It has fantastic beaches and picturesque Cycladic alleys that astonish every visitor .It is located between Kythnos and Sifnos. It is known from mythology, as the residence of the Cyclops, who built some of the most famous monuments like the White Tower and the Walls of Liomandras. In Prehistoric Times, Cretans arrived on the island and then the Phoenicians and Mycenae followed. The 7th and 6th century BC Serifos was colonized by the Ionians, who managed to make the island the center of commercial and political development by using and exporting minerals .Then, the island was conquered by the Romans and flourished during the Venetian period again because of mining, which was the main activity on the island along with fishing, after the liberation in 1830. Today, tourism and fishing play an important role in the development of the place. The island, like all the Cyclades, is famous for its products that charm with their purity and quality and give a tasty note to every visitor!