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Schinoussa is a lilliputian island, of approximate extent of 9 square kilometers and it belongs to the cluster of the Small Cyclades together with Donoussa, Keros, Koufonissia and Iraklia. It is located SE of Naxos and NW of Amorgos. It has 250 residents who occupy themselves with agriculture, livestock, fishing and-very lately- with tourism. The island is inhabited from the ancient times. According to tradition, its name is derived from the bushy plant “Schinos”, thriving all over the island. Schinoussa has infinite natural beauty, sheltered bays, crystal waters, amazing geological formations and paths full of surprises, openhearted people, particular culinary specialties and quiet life. It is famous for its small port and its havens since the imposing mountains of Naxos and Amorgos create a completely sheltered space that was once a favored pirate’s den. Here the car is considered an unnecessary luxury since one can walk the entire island in 1.5 hours. Schinoussa’s few inhabitants live in the characteristic Cycladic white houses, full of basil and bougainvillea plants, fertile orchards and vineries. The island’s way of life has remained pure and carefree, faithful to centuries-old traditional customs and morals. In this same way, all products produced on the island (such as fleur de sel, fava beans, muskmelon, meats, fish etc.) remain pure, harvested and processed with respect as per local traditions and practices.