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Agrifarm chickpeas come from the fertile regions of Northern and Central Greece where they are grown following integrated management principles that keep them away from pesticides and chemicals. They are part of Agrifarm's ambitious Family Farms Project which means they come from small, Greek family farms where agriculture is a way of life and a link to tradition. They're among the leading natural sources of protein and their impressive nutritional value makes them the ideal choice when it comes to a balanced diet. Chickpea proteins are what makes these super pulses stand apart from other legumes. Standing at a content of 20-30%, chickpea proteins have all the aminoacids the body needs and rank among the much-touted proteins of milk, soy, and meat. They are also an excellent source of carbohydrates, metals, and vitamins. The common practice of recent years to consume chickpeas without their skin has been losing popularity since it has been discovered that it is chickpea skin that is chock full of calcium and dietary fiber both of which the body needs for its seamless function. Those delicious pulses are also nutritional overachievers and interwoven with traditional Greek cuisine. Found in every Greek pantry, they are cooked in a variety of ways, releasing their fulfilling aroma in the kitchen and proving irresistible sirens for those who are looking for a full, satisfying meal. In the old times, their consumption was linked to Greece's fasting periods but the landscape of gastronomy has recently changed. Their complex sensory traits and nutritional goodness could not go unnoticed and they have now gained their rightful place in everyday nutrition. It couldn't be otherwise: their flawless credentials make them a shoo-in for Mediterranean Diet ambassadors and shortlist them for praise and prizes!
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Product History
Die griechischen Hülsenfrüchte sind als Produkt von großer kultureller Bedeutung und hohem Nährwert bekannt. Heutzutage ist der Nährwert von Hülsenfrüchten weltweit anerkannt, da sie Grundbestandteil der mediterranen Ernährungspyramide sind. Hülsenfrüchte kann man nicht nur in Suppen, sondern auch in einer Vielfalt von Rezepten genießen: in Eintopfgerichten, im Ofen gebacken, in erfrischenden Salaten mit Gemüse kombiniert, als Püree zu Fleisch oder in Risottos.
Meet the producer: AGRIFARM

The first natural packaging in Greece without plastic!!

Agrifarm Premium Products is a form of collaborative production and standardization of agricultural products farmed in a completely natural way on privately-owned farms in Central Greece as well as in selectively chosen agricultural areas throughout the rest of Greece. Under this innovative form, production relies on “smart” agricultural management anchored on modern cultivation methods and mindful of stewardship of natural resources free and unencumbered by extensive use of fertilizers and strong pesticides. It is within that framework that Agrifarm has developed and implements its “Refarming Greece” model and approach. “Refarming Greece” is an integrated management system embracing local agricultural production with a view to optimizing production quality of agricultural products. The model is an Agrifarm initiative targeting the creation and growth of a specific business culture for all parties involved in the supply chain of agricultural products. The key requisite for the success of the Refarming Greece model is Agrifarm’s belief that the provision of quality products bearing specific characteristics and under distinct specifications starts at the farming ground. Agrifarm’s vivid vision and driven mission is to produce authentic Greek Mediterranean products of premium quality which are offered in modern, innovative packaging that showcases the products’ authenticity and excellence of quality.

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In der Präfektur Fthiotida erwartet den Besucher eine zauberhafte Bergwelt: hohe Gipfel mit Tannen- und Föhrenwäldern, Nadelbäumen, Platanen, Nationalparks, Schluchten, Wasserfälle, Alpenseen und Hochebenen. Aber auch fruchtbare Täler, malerische Dörfer und archäologische Stätten gibt es zu besichtigen. Die Region Fthiotida wurde bereits in der Mythologie erwähnt. Wie es aus den archäologischen Funden aus zahlreichen ausgegrabenen Siedlungen hervorgeht, ist diese Gegend seit der Jungsteinzeit (6000 - 28000 v.Chr.) bewohnt. Auch ist die Präfektur Fthiotida ein strategisch wichtiger Standort, da sie auf dem Weg liegt, der den Norden mit Südgriechenland verbindet. In Fthiotida wurde die erste "Amphiktyonie" gegründet, eine Art antiker griechischer Staatenbund. Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte sind bedeutende Städte in dieser Gegend entstanden, wie etwa Lamia, Ypati und die Thermopylen. Auch war sie der Schauplatz wichtiger historischer Schlachten: der Schlacht der Thermopylen (480 v. Chr.), der Schlacht am Fluss Spercheios in der byzantinischen Zeit (995 v. Chr.) und der Schlacht von Alamana (1821).

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It says it on their elegant package and nothing could be more true: unique chickpeas! Gifted with versatility, these good-for-you Agrifarm chickpeas are grown in small family farms in Northern and Central Greece. What’s more their "purely" Greek identity nestles within packaging which apart from being handmade and inviting, tells you a story that has led it all the way to prestigious awards!
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Meet the producer: AGRIFARM
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