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Hestia Brand Products

“Themis Farm” is one of largest agricultural businesses of Trikala in the regional unit of Thessaly, Central Greece. The farm occupies more than 400 stremma (92 acres) of farmable land that is combined with oak tree forests. The company owes its success to its dedication to and love for the Greek countryside and to its implementation of new technologies. The farm was established in 1956 as a corn and wheat farm. As of 2012 Themis Farm specializes in organic hay. Today, due to the rising demand for Greek herbs, part of the farm’s cultivations is devoted to organic oregano and sage. It was the same demand that encouraged the company to establish “Hestia”, an offshoot, in 2014 with a view to exporting and distributing quality Greek herbs.

The company’s wish is to familiarize the world with the abundance and richness of Greek flavors and products since the fertile lands and temperate climate of Greece yields products whose premium quality and exceptional nutritional value have been showcasing them since antiquity. It is precisely that ancient wisdom that “Hestia” wishes to spread through its services and products. Case in point, the company’s very name: Hestia. In ancient Greek “hestia” means “hearth” or “fireside” and in Greek mythology Hestia was the goddess of the hearth, the family, and domesticity. She was so important to the ancient Greeks that each household maintained an altar dedicated to the goddess Hestia, older sister of Zeus. “Hestia” is a company which insists that farming under its watchful eye be anchored on organic farming standards and that harvesting be carried out carefully by hand so that the herbs may reach consumers without having lost any of their superior sensory traits.

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