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Also known as the “Black Gold” the Corinthian currant (Vitis Vinifera) is a variety of small, sweet, seedless grape named after the capital of the Corinthian province in Peloponnesus in Greece. The systematic cultivation of black currants started in the mid 14th century first in Northwestern Peloponnese (Corinthia, Ilia, Achaia) and later in the early 16th century it spread to the islands of the Ionian Sea (Kefalonia, Zakynthos). The Corinthian stafidampelos yielding the currants is a self-sown Peloponnesian grapevine variety which has been around since antiquity. Black Corinth currants is an ancient Greek grape variety prized for its super sweet small, pearl-like, grapes are of a dark, almost black, color and intensely flavored fruit.
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Product History
Nüsse und Trockenfrüchte zeichnen sich durch ihren hohen Nährwert aus. Sie sind die perfekte Ergänzung für einen nahrhaften täglichen Ernährungsplan - ob als Snack für zwischendurch, mit Cerealien zum Frühstück oder als Salatzutat. Trockenfrüchte wie Aprikosen, Rosinen, Feigen und Pflaumen sind fettarm und reich an Kohlenhydraten, Ballaststoffen, Vitaminen und Mineralien. Sie sind ideal für diejenigen, die Sport treiben. Nüsse, wie beispielsweise Pistazien, Walnüsse, Haselnüsse und Mandeln, sind energiespendend und reich an Ballaststoffen, Mineralien (Magnesium, Kalzium, Eisen und Phosphor), aber auch an Vitaminen (Β1, Β2, Β5, Β6, Β9, Ε, Niacin). Dabei ist es wichtig, sie roh, ungesalzen und in angemessenen Mengen zu verzehren.
Meet the producer: Nuts 'n Nuts
Nuts 'n Nuts

NUTS ‘N NUTS is a company founded by two sisters, Myrto and Semeli Pavlini, who decided that the family tradition would live on through their desire to take their family’s pistachio nut production into the future. The operative phrase in and key principle of their endeavor is “premium quality”and as far as their pistachio nuts go the ladies Pavlini are very fussy. Selection of the right fresh nuts is made carefully and painstakingly from the family’s farms and from other producers with similar family farming profiles. Their golden rule when entering their selection process entails the conditions under which the pistachios have been farmed and harvested, the fresh nuts’ quality and, needless to say, their looks (size, color, and exposure).

In order to maintain their stringent quality assurance standards, the Pavlini sisters send selected samples of their products to a certified laboratory for analysis. The company’s packaging materials are all suitable for food use and the processing facilities the company collaborates with operate in compliance with the ISO 22000 international standard and HACCP system.

Raw and processed pistachios alike need to be handled with the utmost care so that they may retain their quality and flavor. Impurities are removed by means of air-blowers, conventional sieves, and hand-sorting. Following that procedure, nuts are immediately packed in a nitrogen-shielded environment. They are then stored in refrigerators under conditions of controlled temperature and humidity so that their physical condition remains intact until they are ready for distribution to consumers. With a profound sense of respect for tradition and focus on quality, NUTS ‘N NUTS rethinks and re-examines original ideas that could be of service to and propel it towards a demanding future.

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Corinthian black currant "Nuts 'n Nuts" 90g

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Also known as "black gold", black currant is considered one of the new superfoods.
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Meet the producer: Nuts 'n Nuts