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Yoleni's Olive Tree Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

What is "Yoleni's Olive Tree" Loyalty Program?

Join Yoleni's family, collect "olives" on every purchase and redeem them whenever you choose on your next purchases. A unique way to thank you for choosing us for your purchases! You will earn one (1) "olive" for every €1 worth of products. Forty (40) collected “olives” equal €1. “Olives” can also be accumulated by making one or more successive purchases.


How do I register for "Yoleni's Olive Tree" Loyalty Program?

Upon joining Yoleni's family, following your sign up to our website, you automatically participate in "Yoleni's Olive Tree" Loyalty Program, thus making the most out of your future purchases!


Where can I see the total number of "olives"?

You can see the total number of "olives" you have collected in My Account section. Moreover, the total amount of "olives" appear in your shopping cart, in the top right corner of your screen.


How do I redeem my "olives"?

You can redeem your "olives" and use them upon choosing your payment method on your checkout.


Do my "olives" expire?

The "olives" you have collected through "Yoleni's Olive Tree" Loyalty Program should be redeemed within one (1) year after being collected.


How can I earn extra "olives"?

Yoleni's family encourages you to enrich your experience with "Yoleni's Olive Tree" Loyalty Program! Earn:

  1. 40 "olives" by subscribing to our Newsletter
  2. 40 "olives" by creating an account on our site