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Franchise Global Growth Vision

New markets expansion is a dominant driver of Yoleni’s worldwide strategy over the coming years. We believe that our superior-quality products and ingredients, unique menus and recipes, contemporary store designs and flexible approach to developing new markets, meaningfully differentiate and well-position Yoleni’s for future growth. We are committed to providing new franchisees with the training and tools essential to successfully operating a Yoleni’s store. Yoleni’s franchisees will benefit from a first class support system and our proven operations platform. We are excited to invite prospective franchisees to be a part of Yoleni’s family and bring Yoleni’s high-quality products to new customers around the globe.

Franchise Concept

The only concept in the food industry that invests in the omnichannel marketing strategy to offer an integrated customer experience online and offline. Yoleni’s concept attracts, engages and captivates the customers by offering a unique experience of shopping, quality and high nutritional value products and building a trust that leads to customer repeatability, membership and loyalty.

The Yoleni’s concept combines all those Greek elements to create a unique gastronomy journey where the customers experience a Greek traditional grocery store of 50’s and 60’scombined with modern elements, highlighting Greek hospitality and reviving the authentic Greek gastronomy treasures in the best way.

Yoleni’s “Edodimopolio” (Grocery) offers over 1.000 traditional and certified quality artisanal Greek products -from every corner of Greece- crafted by more than 120 small Greek producers, while the “Pita-Coffee & Other” section offers coffee, salads, sandwiches, yogurt, soups, nuts and dried fruits and more than 20 kinds of freshly baked pitas/pies (savory and sweet) prepared in front of the customer upon the order. The product mix of Yoleni’s store also includes olive oil and bakery products, pasta, legumes, dairy products, cheese and cold cuts, honey, organic and a lot more of traditional Greek products.

Franchise and Store Model

Yoleni’s currently offers one franchise store model,
The Yoleni’s Experience Store: 3.660-3.875 ft2 (340-360m2), carrying the full range of Yoleni’s products (packaged and non-packaged), including a casual dining restaurant and providing Self-service Sit-in, Table service Eat-in and Take away.

Yoleni’s Franchise development plan includes Area Development Franchise (Territory or State) and Single-Unit Franchise partnership models.

Franchise Financial Requirements

The minimum financial requirements per unit/store, for new franchisees or franchisee groups are:

  • Yoleni's Experience Store
    Minimum net worth of $800.000 USD per unit/store and,
    Minimum liquid assets of $300.000 USD per unit/store in cash or available financing

Franchise Fees and Estimated Costs*
* Franchise fees and royalties may differ on a case-by-case basis. A Yoleni's Franchising representative will provide you with the most up-to-date/current fees and royalty information. The information below is provided only as a guideline.

  • Initial Franchise Fee/entry fee: $35.000 USD per Yoleni's Experience store
  • Royalty Fee (ongoing): 5% of net sales
  • Marketing/Advertising Fee: 2% of net monthly sales, for the global marketing of Yoleni's brand and network.
  • Local Advertising Fee: 2% of net sales at least, for local marketing purposes.
  • Development Fee: $60.000-280.000 USD depending on the assigned area.

Estimated Total Investment: The estimated investment required for a Yoleni’s Experience store ranges from $900.000 to $1.800.000 depending on many factors that influence the development costs for a new store including, but not limited to, the cost of real estate, building size and design features, local labor, building supplies, permits, etc.

Franchise Financial Benefits*

Yoleni’s franchisees will become members of a worldwide well known brand network, a unique and awarded business concept with multiple profit centers (Dining Restaurant, Self-service, Take away, B2B gifts & more, online sales rebates/commissions etc.) obtaining significant profits and further development opportunities (expand to neighboring areas). Yoleni’s stores operate at an average 55-65% gross margin and an EBITDA of 12-14% (5-year average).The initial investment’s amortization period is estimated to be 2,5 to 3 years.

* The above financial data are averages and/or estimates based on Yoleni’s experience derived from corporate store(s). Yoleni’s does not guarantee earnings, profit, ROI or any financial information presented in this website. The amount of profit or loss is depended on a number of factors, like the ability of the prospective franchisee to manage the business, drive sales volumes and control the operating costs.

Franchisee Available Support

Yoleni’s franchisee support system provides a “one-stop shop” for all the needs of our franchisees. Yoleni’s team provides guidance and training, resource partnerships and offer all the provisions needed to run a Yoleni’s store. Yoleni’s is committed to providing a superior level of service to our franchise family at the levels below:

  • Operations
    Yoleni’s Franchisees receive on-going direct support from our skilled trainers and managers at the field level. Our focus is to A-level of operation and customer service at every store, and to achieve that we provide the tools, resources and training. Our team works with the franchisee to create business strategy and tactics to improve the Yoleni’s and franchisee’s operations, marketing, people and market penetration. Assistance with training and opening of the first two stores is also provided.

  • Training
    Initial and on-going training programs focus on what is needed to provide Yoleni’s total customer experience. Yoleni’s certified trainers provide training and solutions to all business levels. We also provide comprehensive training programs, which consist of workshops, classroom education and on-the-job training either in–store or in certified training facilities. Yoleni’s trainers assist with new products, equipment deployments, development of trainers (train-the-trainers) and training systems.

  • Engineering / Real Estate
    Yoleni’s provides various levels of support, from coaching to ‘hands on’, assisting with store development including site selection, site layout, designs and initial and on-going construction services, equipment ordering etc..Yoleni’s Regional Franchise Development representatives provide all the assistance to franchisees to ensure smooth and successful store openings.

  • Food and Supply Chain
    Yoleni’s has established infrastructure procurement from Greece, achieving lower costs. Also, Yoleni’s has developed numerous partnerships with approved US suppliers to ensure availability of the products that cannot be imported in the US and to offer several options to franchisees in obtaining fresh products, to facilitate their production and ensure the highest quality of ingredients and supplies at the best possible prices. Yoleni’s applies continuous research and product mix enrichment with new products and services that keep Yoleni’s stores up-to-date with the current global trends and developments.

  • Online / Web Services
    Yoleni’s provides support to franchisees within more than 200 owned domain names worldwide, with quality content (product description and product stories, producers’ stories, ingredients, video recipes etc). Additionally, we provide server hosting services, IT support, web development and all the necessary services for technology and platforms integration, to keep the Yoleni’s website constantly updated and fulfilling its potential for further development.

  • Quality Management
    Yoleni’s is focused on the highest quality of our food products and the strictest specifications and practices in the production of our fresh products. Yoleni’s R&D is focused in developing:
    • new qualitative products and menu items on strategy with our concept,
    • ways to make existing products better and,
    • develop new suppliers to meet our standards and specs
Yoleni’s Quality assurance process includes monthly auditing to our suppliers and evaluation of all incoming raw ingredients either in their facilities or at Yoleni’s premises. Also, Yoleni’s practices very strict safety standards for its food/products at a comparable to HACCP level (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). 

Franchisee Qualifications

Yoleni’s is actively pursuing prospective franchisees to join our global expansion through our Franchise business model. Yoleni’s is looking for franchisees who:

  • Are interested in pursuing area development or multi-unit opportunities to develop a full market or territory through the development of multiple stores.
  • Are currently multi-unit operators who have extensive food, restaurant, hospitality, and/or grocery retail experience with proven leadership skills
  • Are committed to operational excellence, customer service and have a strong willingness to learn and practice the Yoleni’s business model.
  • Have comprehensive understanding of local culture, infrastructure, and how to do business in the market of interest.
  • Demonstrate exceptional managerial and business acumen.
  • Are committed to the advancement and growth of their business.
  • Have access to adequate capital for investment to an aggressive store development schedule.

The information on this website does not constitute an offer to you, but is provided for information purposes only.


This web site ( is not intended as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. We offer franchises solely by means of our Franchise Disclosure Document. Certain states have laws governing the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable legal requirements in your state. This information about our franchise opportunity is intended solely for residents of the United States.

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