Do we really possess enough food skills and knowledge?

I am lucky enough to be working among people who share a passion for healthy food and the Greek Mediterranean diet.
Still, I keep on asking myself: Do we REALLY know how and what to eat? If yes, then why do we not follow healthy eating habits?
Do we educate our children on nutrition? If yes, then why do obesity levels remain in such high numbers?

Following the above contemplation, I was thrilled to watch Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk.
His "powerful idea" aims to spark change in the way American families eat. You can watch it here:

Jamie Oliver's Food Foundation and his awarded project, winner of the TED Prize 2010, focuses on the American diet. Through active criticism against the modern eating habits of the western societies, the mission is to raise awareness and to provide better access to food education for everyone, and contribute to a healthier world, through nutrition.

An inspirational talk, that can engage the current and future generations, to get in the kitchen and give cooking a go!