Greek 'Sarakosti', is the most important fasting period in the Greek Orthodox Christianity. Also called as the (Great) Lent it got its name from the number forty (40), which equals to the fasting period that Moses spent on Mount Sinai or the days that Prophet Elijah spent in the desert of Horeb, before meeting with God. Nevertheless, number 40 was especially formulated after the example of Christ, who fasted for 40 days before beginning his public action.

The sarakosti period starts on Ash Monday and marks the beginning of the preparation of the body and soul for Easter. Meat consumption, during Lent is not allowed.

During this period, our tables are filled with fasten products and flavors like: traditional stuffed vine leaves (dolmadakia), smoked octopus, fish roe salad, sun dried tomatoes, aubergine salad or spreads , Caper leaves, rusks and the famous dessert of Lent, the Halva! Accompany your appetizers with ouzo and raki (grape distillate) and cook the greatest legumes - the most exquisite grains, staples of longevity!

Our suggestion is that you navigate around Greece and taste the most traditional diet for the fasting period, which reveals the best Greek aromas! Impress everyone with Lenten options both on Ash Monday and throughout the period of Great Lent!

Give a special aroma and taste to the most traditional period of the year. Fasting can indeed be a gourmet period!