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In the sea region of the Northern Sporades, there where the island of Alonissos is found, the famous tuna is also caught. Fishing boats go out to sea from November till February and by the method of trolling or tow-line fishing, fishermen catch their tuna. They then take it all to the workshops on the island, where the women of Alonissos carefully clean the fish. The tuna is then boiled lightly in water to which only salt has been added. It is then put into sterilized glass jars. No preservatives are added. White tuna has white flesh and can reach up to 15 – 17 kilos. It is a magnificent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It is, moreover, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, potassium, and sodium. Therefore, it can be determined to be a great element of a healthy balanced diet. Enjoy it as a tasty appetizer to accompany your ouzo, make tuna salads using green leafy vegetables or pulses. Otherwise, just add it along with olives and capers to pasta sauces.
White tuna 65%, water 34% and salt.
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The concept of "meze" is one of the main elements of the culinary culture of Greece. From the traditional coffee shops of the past up to the modern tavern, meze comes to our table in a wide variety of seafood, cold cuts, cheese and even nuts. Enjoy them with good company and traditional Greek distillates and drinks!
Meet the producer: Alelma

The workshop for the processing and packaging of Alelma tuna fish is a family business based on the island of Alonissos. It was founded in 2007 with the aim to strengthen the local identity through the preservation of the culinary tradition. It is in this fully equipped workshop, and in compliance with all hygiene rules, that the Greek tuna, that is fished from the Aegean islands, is carefully processed to reach the consumer's table; a nutritious and very tasty delicacy!

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Visit the region: Alonissos

Known for its natural beauty and Marine Park, where the well-known seal Monachus-Monachus finds refuge - Alonissos is nothing less than - paradise on Earth! Dense vegetation, pine forests, beaches with turquoise water, steep cliffs, sea caves, cobbled alleys and picturesque villages, all compose the magic of the landscape of this gorgeous island in the Northern Sporades.The history of the island of Alonissos dates back to the Paleochristian period. However, the island flourished during the classical years. Today, the inhabitants' main occupation is fishing, tourism and agriculture.

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White Alalunga tuna in water from Alonissos "Alelma" 120g

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A delicious appetizer made from the fillet of white tuna, found in the sea region of the Northern Sporades!

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Meet the producer: Alelma
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