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Product Description
Elixirs are alcohol-free liqueurs! The vinegar from the local varieties, known as "Debina" and "Vlahico", has aged for 5 years in oak and chestnut barrels. After that, it is mixed with a small fruit nectar and a pepper, cardamom and ginger extract. It goes perfectly well with all salads made with raw, boiled or grilled vegetables. You can also add it as a finishing touch when preparing fillet steak in a frying pan. It is also recommended to add some to grilled fish or chicken. Dare something original and drizzle some over ice-cream or cream, instead of syrup. Alternatively, serve it as an aperitif or a digestif with crushed ice.
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Product History
Vinegar production is based on the conversion of alcohol into acetic acid. Historically, vinegar is the oldest and most popular of the spices used in gastronomy. Its origins go hand by hand with the use of wine, approximately in 6000 B.C, as they are both the natural outcome of the product of alcoholic fermentation. The Greeks used it widely in cooking and they are the first to distinguish different kinds of vinegar based on its place of origin. As far as the link between vinegar and well- being is concerned, it dates way back, as, by nature, vinegar has disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. Ancient physicians Hippocrates and Galen used vinegar as a medicine and so did the Egyptians, the Romans, the Chinese, etc.
Meet the producer: Vaimakis Family
Vaimakis Family

The Vaimakis family has been engaged in the production and merchandising of food products since the mid-19th century. The family founded a small industrial plant for the production of wine, raki and vinegar in Paramythia – Thesprotia, (a great producing and commercial centre of Epirus at the time), while continuing their trade of olive oil and operating a bakery and a restaurant, all at the same time. In the mid 1970s, Vassilis Vaimakis, young chemist back then, decided to take on the old family tradition and work as a winemaker. At the end of the 1990s, he started focusing on a ‘forgotten’ or just neglected wine product - vinegar. In one of the most famous wine producing regions in Greece, Zitsa, he and his wife, Ekaterini, set up a small industrial plant, and by using the locally produced grape varieties, they launched the first samples of their product which was put on the market in 2005. It didn't take long before their products drew much attention and received praise from both connoisseurs and consumers.

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Visit the region: Ioannina

The history of the prefecture of Ioannina dates back to the Palaeolithic era (33000 - 8000 BC). Passing through the hands of various conquerors, during the 18th-19th century, Ioannina witnessed a great deal of intellectual, economic and cultural growth, thus promoting the educational level and its development. The high mountain ranges and canyons, the rapidly rushing rivers, the dark lakes, the mountainous villages and the stone bridges form a wild and natural landscape which is rich in colour and irregular forms – similar to that of a most beautiful mosaic.

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Elixir from Ioannina «Isis» "Vaimakis Family" 100ml

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A mature vinegar with a small fruit nectar, pepper and cardamom extract added to it.
Meet the producer: Vaimakis Family
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