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Xino Nero is very popular and known for its beneficial properties. From the eponymous source located at an altitude of 650 meters near Amyntaio, a natural mineral water with unique properties.
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Soft drinks with unique flavors, in great combinations, that refresh and rejuvenate us with each sip.
Visit the region: Florina

Archaeological findings testify that the Florina region has been inhabited since 6000 BC. During the classical era, it was under the administration of the royal house of Lyncestes, then under Roman occupation, the Byzantine Empire and, finally, under Ottoman rule. It was only in 1912 that it was liberated. The rich flora and fauna of the Prespes lakes, the forests with beeches, oak trees, firs and cedars, the small and larger rivers are only some of the treasures of the area. Visitors are awe-struck by the well-preserved traditional settlements, the mountains and gorges, the waterfalls and the natural hot water reservoirs.

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Natural sparkling water from Florina "Sour water" 750ml

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Xino Nero is very popular and known for its beneficial properties.
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