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The company Ladolea gives a unique aromatic vinegar with a designation of Origin Nemea of Corinthia, offering a unique taste to every dish. Organic with no preservatives, the vinegar with notes of bergamot impresses with its bright color. Light brown with red highlights, captivates at first glance. The sweet vinegar with bergamot is bottled in beautiful ceramic bottles and all the procedures are certified with ISO 22000. The ceramic packaging is inspired by the rich history of Ancient Corinth area, and more specifically from the Corinthian Aryballos, in which olive oil was stored, used by athletes to anoint their bodies and aristocrats to preserve the valuable aromatic oils. Nowadays, Aryballos was redesigned for Ladolea transformed into a practical oil container , originally handmade by experienced ceramists, as it has a special nozzle for serving. The organic vinegar-scented bergamot from Ladolea is beautifully combined with mild flavors in recipes with fish, meat and salads, as well as tomato sauces that accompany delicious pasta.
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Product History
Vinegar production is based on the conversion of alcohol into acetic acid. Historically, vinegar is the oldest and most popular of the spices used in gastronomy. Its origins go hand by hand with the use of wine, approximately in 6000 B.C, as they are both the natural outcome of the product of alcoholic fermentation. The Greeks used it widely in cooking and they are the first to distinguish different kinds of vinegar based on its place of origin. As far as the link between vinegar and well- being is concerned, it dates way back, as, by nature, vinegar has disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. Ancient physicians Hippocrates and Galen used vinegar as a medicine and so did the Egyptians, the Romans, the Chinese, etc.
Meet the producer: Melissi & Co
Melissi & Co
Panos is a chemical engineer. His brother, Thanos, is an economist. As the young and driven Greeks that they are, they decided to turn to Greece’s and Corinthia’s most prominent ambassador: olive oil. Proud of their Greek roots, modern visionaries who believe tradition is the way forward, the Kloutsiniotis brothers and their Ladolea team set their hearts on acquainting the whole world with historical Corinthia’s precious olive oil. Yet, to them, that was not enough. They were determined to showcase it the perfect way. Not only did they want to produce rare, monovarietal olive oils but they were also determined that the packaging would be unique and exclusive to Ladolea. Their olive oil comes in a handmade ceramic bottle whose design drew its inspiration from the aryballos: A small, globular or spherical, ceramic flask with a narrow neck, the ancient Greek aryballos was reminiscent of ancient Greek wine pourers and contained unguents or oil. Athletes would hang it from their wrist by a strap and use it in the baths to anoint their bodies with, before or after the Olympic Games, while the aristocracy would cherish it as a vessel where they could store their very best scents or oils.
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The region of Korinthos was the largest commercial centre in ancient Greece. During its history, it had been occupied by Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Ioannites Knights of Rhodes and Turks. Ancient fortresses, citadels, ancient monuments, Byzantine churches, reservoirs, cobbled streets, towers and arches, all testify the city's glorious past. Korinthia’s landscape exerts a strange attraction to visitors - the picturesque mountain villages of “Mountainous Korinthia”, with its stone-built houses, pine covered mountains, fir and oak trees, lakes, natural hot springs, the lagoon, the caves and of course its beautiful beaches.

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Organic vinegar with bergamot from Korinthia "Ladolea" 200ml

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Sweet vinegar with bergamot notes! Unique combination of taste and colors from the area of Corinth, that gives a special character to each option!
Meet the producer: Melissi & Co
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