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Product Description
Rice can certainly be nice but Agrifarm gluten free rice is more than just 'nice', it's definitely winsome! It comes from the rice paddies of the fertile Strymonas River valley in Serres of Macedonia, Greece, where it is grown in compliance with integrated management principles that steer it clear of pesticides and chemicals. It is also part of Agrifarm's ambitious Family Farms Project which means it comes from small, Greek family farms where agriculture is a way of life and a link to tradition. Rice is a food that is easy to digest and is rich in complex carbs, proteins and vitamins. It contains no trans fat, cholesterol, or sodium. It's interwoven with many ethnic cuisines since it is a staple food worldwide. It has been around for over 5000 years, traveling from China to ancient Greece and then on to Persia and the Nile Delta. Systematic rice cultivation did not start in modern-day Greece until the 1950's. The "Rice Miracle" as it has been called, began in Anthele, a hamlet on the Sperchios River Delta. The know-how for this "new" crop's cultivation was brought to the area from California by Walter Packard, Irrigation and Production Specialist of the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) Mission to Greece under the Marshall Plan. Today, Agrifarm brings to our table flavorful white rice carrying all of the gifts of Greek Mother Nature. It is grown and packaged with special care so that its unrivalled traits may remain unaltered. Proof of that is the fact that Agrifarm rice is part of the company's Family Farms Project which has won a number of highly prestigious taste awards as well as awards for the packaging of Agrifarm Family Farm pulses and rice. In 2014, that smart, elegant packaging won the coveted Best Packaging Solution Silver Award from European Design Awards. In 2015, it swept away the gold at the "Re-Inspire Greece" contest by "Gaea". Inspired by the burlap sacks in which legumes and rice were traditionally stored in the old days, the packaging is designed on a story-telling concept and it's made from 100% handcrafted Greek cotton-based material that allows the product to breathe and thus keep all of its nutritional value. It includes a QR Code which, when scanned with a Smartphone, tells you where in Greece the product comes from and how it was processed. Rice grown naturally and stored in a naturally made package? You can't go wrong with that!
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Product History
Rice feeds the human population since ancient times. It is said that rice was brought in Greece and in Europe by the soldiers who returned from Alexander the Great's campaign in China and thus gradually spread throughout the world. It contains complex carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins and vitamins. It is highly digestible and does not contain gluten. In Greece, rice is cultivated mainly in the deltas of rivers and in coastal areas. It is a food that is easily combined with other flavors such as meat, legumes, as a filling, in risotto recipes or even in sushi , thus offering an inexhaustible variety to choose from!
Meet the producer: AGRIFARM

The first natural packaging in Greece without plastic!!

Agrifarm Premium Products is a form of collaborative production and standardization of agricultural products farmed in a completely natural way on privately-owned farms in Central Greece as well as in selectively chosen agricultural areas throughout the rest of Greece. Under this innovative form, production relies on “smart” agricultural management anchored on modern cultivation methods and mindful of stewardship of natural resources free and unencumbered by extensive use of fertilizers and strong pesticides. It is within that framework that Agrifarm has developed and implements its “Refarming Greece” model and approach. “Refarming Greece” is an integrated management system embracing local agricultural production with a view to optimizing production quality of agricultural products. The model is an Agrifarm initiative targeting the creation and growth of a specific business culture for all parties involved in the supply chain of agricultural products. The key requisite for the success of the Refarming Greece model is Agrifarm’s belief that the provision of quality products bearing specific characteristics and under distinct specifications starts at the farming ground. Agrifarm’s vivid vision and driven mission is to produce authentic Greek Mediterranean products of premium quality which are offered in modern, innovative packaging that showcases the products’ authenticity and excellence of quality.

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In the prefecture of Fthiotida the visitor encounters a magnificent mountainous nature (high mountains with fir forests, pinewoods, conifers, planes, national parks, gorges, waterfalls, Alpine lakes, plateaux), but also fertile plains, picturesque villages and archaeological sites. There are historical references on the region of Fthiotida in mythology. As indicated from the archaeological discoveries in a lot of settlements, the region has been inhabited since the neolithic period (6000-2800 BC). The location of the prefecture was of strategic importance, as it constituted the passage from Northern to Southern Greece and vice versa. In Fthiotida the first "Amfiktyonia" was founded, a kind of Union of ancient Greek states. Great cities were founded in the region along the centuries, like Lamia, Ipati, Thermopylae and historical battles took place there, such as: the battle of Thermopylae (480 BC), the battle of Spercheios during the Byzantine times (995 AD), the battle of Alamana (1821).

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«Nihaki» long grain white rice from Macedonia "Agrifarm Premium Products" 500g

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Authentic Greek versatile gluten free rice, takes a bow on stage. An Agrifarm specialty, it is grown in small family farms and aspires at astonishing you with its delicious character and its "purely" Greek identity. It will win you over, starting with its packaging which, apart from being handmade, tells you a story that has led it all the way to prestigious awards!

Our producers back in Greece are working to make your favorite product available soon!

Meet the producer: AGRIFARM
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