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Impressive semi-sparkling wine from Petrοs Chatzigeorgiou. Produced by the method of Cuve Close. From the variety Muscat of Alexandreia.Bright color, light yellow, with rich elegant sweetness in perfect balance with the freshness of the acidity. Explosive aromas of Muscat of Alexandria like fresh harvest grapes released through refreshing bubbles. Fine aromas of white flesh peach, pleasant aftertaste and persistent, elegant lather (perlage) creating a delicious aperitif for lovers of well life. erved at 5-8c.
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Most of the Greek white grape varieties have roots that are lost in the mists of time. They give us wines that are easily identified by the distinctive elegant aromas of citrus blossoms and ripe yellow fruit, such as lemon, lime or Peach and yellow apple. The level of fruitiness that you taste in a wine leads to very different growing regions.
Meet the producer: Chatzigeorgiou Estate
Chatzigeorgiou Estate

Petros Chatzigeorgiou is the founder of Chatzigeorgiou Estate on Lemnos, an island famous for its wines. He was living and running his business in Athens, when a trip to the island of Lemnos, where his family originally came from, inspired him to engage in wine making. His vision was to launch the exquisite local variety, Muscat of Alexandria into the domestic and international markets.Nowadays, he is the owner of a modern winery, producing high quality wines, and focusing on the quality, the preservation of the region's and local variety's special characteristics.

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Visit the region: Lemnos

Under the dazzling light of the sun, surrounded by the northern Aegean Sea, emerges a simple, austere and timeless landscape. Low hills with vineyards, wheat fields and vegetables, terraced slopes, fragrant brushwood and thyme, ravines and distinctive rock and volcanic formations and sea caves, indented coastlines with beautiful pebbly beaches, medieval castles and traditional villages. Lemnos is a volcanic island, characterized by its rare geological rock formations and one of the richest ecosystems in Europe.

What is it that makes Lemnos so special? Its archaeological sites are certainly part of its charm as they are considered significant and draw the interest of Greek and international travelers. Its long, rich history and breathtaking natural vistas definitely guarantee unforgettable vacations.

However, it is the island’s culinary tradition that truly makes it stand apart. Although Lemnos is characterized by a rocky, argillaceous soil, it is a fertile island whose local traditional products are of impressive quality reflecting the land’s soil and climate conditions. Since ancient times, the island of Lemnos has been hailed as the land of unique products such as Lemnos wines. Today, the island continues its tradition in excellence crafting in addition to its premium wines, artisanal, PDO cheeses such as Kalathaki Lemnou and producing premium raw honey and “mavragani”, a semolina-like flour made from an ancient wheat variety locally farmed. Still the basis of Lemnos traditional fare, Lemnos wines, cheeses, honey, and mavragani-based pasta are now traveling throughout the world, acquiring enthusiasts, and drawing rave reviews for their Lemnos personality!

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Moscato «d' Ifestia» "Estate Chatzigeorgiou" Sparkling White Wine 200ml

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Explosive aromas of Muscat of Alexandria like fresh harvest grapes released through refreshing bubbles.

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Meet the producer: Chatzigeorgiou Estate
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