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Product Description
“Mastic Tears” liqueur is an elegant, aromatic liqueur having a sweet and refreshing aftertaste. It is produced from the distillate of Mastiha from Chios island. Mastiha is a natural excretion which is secreted by the tree trunks of the mastic tree, and is like “a tear”. The mastic trees are, in addition, a type of shrub-like trees which grow in one and only area in the world: the Mastihohória (Mastic-villages) of Chios. Mastiha liqueur is unique in aroma and has a rich flavour and stong and lasting aftertaste which floods the palate. Mastiha liqueur is traditionally served chilled as a digestive drink, after each meal. Another excellent way to enjoy it, is to pour it in a tall glass with crushed ice or as an ingredient in Greek-style cocktails. The artwork on the “Mastic Tears” label has been inspired by an engraving technique of black and white geometrical shapes on plaster. These decorate the front of the houses in the village called Pirgi in Chios.
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Product History
Traditional Greek liqueurs are products of a tasty combination of aromatic fruit and alcohol that fascinate us with their unique character. Accompanying candy and cookies, but also ideally served towards the end of a meal as digestive drinks.
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Traditional mastic liqueur "Mastic Tears" 50ml

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An outstanding and unique liqueur, having the mastiha flavour and aroma from Chios Island!