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Top quality fully ripened figs, rich in flesh, delicious, nutritious and healthy. They are handpicked and naturally dried under the sun. 100% natural product, sulfite free, without preservatives or additives. Integral part of the Mediterranean diet, being one of the earliest fruits cultivated by man, figs are a source of energy for the human body. Dried Figs’ nutritional value was recognized by the ancient Greeks who fed their athletes on them during the Olympic Games to gain strength.Figs are natural source of antioxidants, rich in fiber, Vitamin B1 and B6, low in fat, thus being recommended as the ideal natural source of potassium and the best plant source of calcium. Suitable for vegetarians and Vegans. Gluten-free and GMO-free
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Meet the producer: Dioterra
DIOTERRA is a family owned company in southern Greece - Peloponnese, producing top quality healthy products. Our passion for the healthy Mediterranean diet inspired us to establish the brand name DIOTERRA, in which we encompassed not only our honey, but also the best quality products that the Greek land has to offer. Our aim is to share the flavours we savoured as we were growing up and our vision is to reintroduce on gastronomic choices the authentic treasures abundantly found in the Greek land. Our commitment is to provide 100% natural products of high nutritional value without the use either of additives or conservatives. From production, processing and storage to product distribution, we apply the strictest guidelines in order to guarantee excellent quality. Our company has been certified to the international standards for hygiene and food safety of ISO 22000:2005, and by Agrocert for the trading of PDO products.
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Visit the region: Kalamata
Kalamata is one of the largest cities in southwest Peloponnese. It is the capital city of the prefecture of Messinia and is also the port of South mainland Greece. It has built at the foot of Mount Cart (edge of Taygetos) in the heart of Messinian Bay, it has Mediterranean climate with warm winter and mild summers. Kalamata is the second largest city in Peloponnese ( the first one is Patra) and its story begins from the period of Homer. In particular, Homer had mentioned Fares, an ancient town which had built around where it is now the castle of the city. The most important event of the long history of the city is the liberation from the Turks, on 23th March of 1821. In the end of 19th century has been built the port of Kalamata, which operates until today. The city is showing considerable growth and acne. It has been characterized as the Marseilles of Morea and it is an important urban, economic and commercial center of the region. It is also the administrative center of the prefecture of Messinia. The economy of region is based on the agriculture. It is indeed the Promised Land. Almost everything can be produced in Messinia. From the famous Kalamata olives and extra virgin Olive Oil , up figs, raisins, vegetables, citrus, rich aromatic wines and delicious flavored vinegars. It could not be mentioned in herbs ,which grown in the region. Taygetos, the imposing mountain of Messinia, is one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems of Europe with a large number of plants that grow only there. Balm for pain, fragrant oregano for food and mountain tea are some of the small wonders of Messinian nature. And all these without chemical or other treatment and with all the natural flavor and their amazing properties. Kalamata except from a rich gastronomic destination attracts an indeed large number of visitors due to its cultural activity and its wonderful landscapes. Amazing sandy beaches, pebbled coves, proud villages, Byzantine churches, fertile land and mountains give the promise for unforgettable holiday.
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Premium sun - dried figs from Kalamata "Dioterra" 285g

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Delicious fully ripened figs, rich in flesh, delicious, nutritious and healthy. 100% natural product, sulfite free, without preservatives or additives.

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Meet the producer: Dioterra
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