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Product Description
Velvety in texture and rich in taste, the aromatic Dirfys mushroom & vegetable soup contains no additives and no artificial colorings. It’s made in Pissonas, island of Evia, by Mr Lahouvaris and Mr Mastrogianis who, with zest and enthusiasm, have been devoting themselves to agricultural mycology (mushroom farming). Their love for mushrooms, non-negotiable passion for quality, and profound scientific expertise in all things mushroom have led to a range of gourmet products whose gastronomic value goes hand in hand with their bioactive and functional attributes. Dirfys Mushroom soup combines Greek semolina, an assortment of dried mushrooms, and dehydrated carrots and leeks. To that delicious combination, Dirfys adds a dash of sweet bukovo chili flakes and a hint of garlic, for a soup that’s guaranteed to ward off the cold of winter nights. Dirfys harvests its mushrooms under the watchful eye of mycologists (agriculturists specializing exclusively in mushrooms) in an environmentally friendly manner. The mushrooms are then dried naturally so that their flavor and nutritional elements may remain intact. Mushrooms are calorie-poor and rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, trace minerals, and proteins. A bowl of hot, fragrant mushroom soup that contains only the best is a mushroom soup that’ll find itself on your dinner table again and again.
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Product History
The history of soup is ancient and dates back to the era that the first containers, made from animal skins, were created, in order to boil food inside them. They have beneficial properties for the human body, as they are stimulant and warming, very nourishing and help in digestion. Soups are characterized by a great variety, as they may contain meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, herbs, roots, rice or pasta.
Meet the producer: Dirfis

In 2006, two young men, Eleftherios Lahouvaris and Athanasios Mastroyannis, both university graduates in Agriculture but also with great experience in mushroom growing, founded "Dirfis" – a company situated Northern Evia. Being dedicated and passionate lovers of the agricultural mycology sector, they are ‘fiercely’ engaged in the cultivation of pleurotus mushrooms and in the production of products of high gastronomical and bioactive, functional value. They participate in pioneering research projects in cooperation with universities; they constantly make sure they keep up to date with the latest developments in their field. Moreover, they share their knowledge of mushrooms through international congresses and seminars.

What "Dirfis" does, is to collect and dry wild mushrooms found in the Greek forests and launch them to the market. Eleftherios and Athanasios aim at creating new products based on mushrooms and also emphasizing their nutritious and bioactive ingredients.Dirfis has installed its mushroom cultivation unit at a safety distance of 7 km from the substrate production unit to ensure that conditions of hygiene are kept high and that risk of infection during pasteurization and incubation is kept at its lowest possible level.

Dirfis chose its location at the foothills of Mount Dirfis very carefully using stringent environmental criteria. The company’s production unit is surrounded by lush vegetation and is characterized by a terrain that is ideal for the creation of the microclimate mushrooms need in order to grow. The location of the plant is free of any vehicle or industrial pollution and follows to the letter all the specifications necessary in producing wholesome products that are rid of any external polluting factors. One of the most impressive natural phenomena is how rapidly and suddenly mushrooms appear. That phenomenon is directly linked to the evaporation rate of the mycelium’s growing fruit body and osmotic pressure. By applying the appropriate ventilation and by maintaining the cultivation cabin at the right temperature and humidity, the Dirfis team ensures that the evaporation rate of its precious cultivations will remain within required levels.

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Visit the region: Evia Island
Evia Island
The history of the region, dates way back to ancient times. Throughout the 2500 years of its recorded history, starting from the Neolithic era, this region witnessed many conquerors - Spartans, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Venetians and Ottomans.In terms of its natural landscape, Evia Island is a combination of the absolutely wonderful lush green mountains and the sapphire blue water of the sea which surrounds it – a unique combination indeed! The stunning beaches, the deep blue sea with its redeeming qualities, all mingle with the majestic and imposing presence of the mountain - the rich forested peaks, the olives trees, fig trees and fir trees are all awe-inspiring!
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Mushroom soup with vegetables from Evia "Dirfis" 135g

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A cold winter night? a bowl of steaming mushroom & veggie soup made in a few minutes? and a heavenly aroma of elusive mushroom elegance and robust veggie goodness wafting to your nostrils. From the island of Evia, Dirfys Mushroom Soup wants you to pick up your spoon. Right away!

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Meet the producer: Dirfis
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