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Hot melted soup, excellent choice for detoxification from meat and dairy products! Contains trachana fermented with wild nettle powder and 100% flour and grains from Grevena, a mixture of dehydrated mushrooms, dehydrated vegetables, a mixture of spices and wild nettle powder! Each package contains 20 servings, for one serving you only need 2 tablespoons of the mixture, 2 glasses of water and a little oil!
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The history of soup is ancient and dates back to the era that the first containers, made from animal skins, were created, in order to boil food inside them. They have beneficial properties for the human body, as they are stimulant and warming, very nourishing and help in digestion. Soups are characterized by a great variety, as they may contain meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, herbs, roots, rice or pasta.
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Netle soup with forest mushrooms "Mushroom Products from Grevena" 400g

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An excellent option for soup!

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