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Brilliantly, light yellow in color with greenish tints. Strong and lively nose, typical Malagouzia, suggesting rose petal with floral aromas and sweet spices, melon, litchi with a note of honeysuckle. Round and mellow on the palate, fat but balanced, high in alcohol with plenty of finesse. Well structured, reminding the nose aromas with a hint of rosemary. A richly textured wine with superb length and balance. A classy wine with long finish and persistent aromas. Destemming, no crushing, cold soak - skin contact under controlled conditions, alcoholic fermentation at gradual increasing temperatures, maintenance of wine "sur lies" for two months with regular stirring. Excellently married with green salads, baked vegetables, pasta, low fat fishes and a wide variety of Greek sea food "Meze".
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Most of the Greek white grape varieties have roots that are lost in the mists of time. They give us wines that are easily identified by the distinctive elegant aromas of citrus blossoms and ripe yellow fruit, such as lemon, lime or Peach and yellow apple. The level of fruitiness that you taste in a wine leads to very different growing regions.
Meet the producer: Alpha Estate
Alpha Estate

ALPHA ESTATE is located in the region known as Amyntaio, Florina, in the northwest of Greece. It was founded in 1997 by the experienced vine grower Makis Mavridis and the chemist-oenologist Angelos Iatridis. The latter, after having worked in various places in Greece, selected Amyntaio as the ideal region to make his own wine.ALPHA ESTATE aims at developing and making best use of the privately-owned single vineyard, extending to 650 acres. This vineyard, with high-standard installation and management specifications, enables the production of wines of Amyntaio Appellation of Origin of Superior Quality, but also of white and red Local Wines. On the other hand, the modern winery, situated in the heart of the vineyard, meets all requirements for the preservation of its high quality potential.The philosophy of the people working for ALPHA ESTATE is based on the use of modern techniques in irrigation, crop protection -integrated crop management systems-, the establishment and cultivation of the fields and the determination of the maturing period. Their objective is to produce wines representative of the "terroir" (ecosystem), that is, indicative of the special characteristics of their place of origin, soil and climate conditions, but also of the strong originality of the wine producing vine varieties. The human factor adds value to this exceptional soil and climatic conditions, managing the establishment and making optimal use of this favourable ecosystem.When planning the quality of the Estate's vine, and wine products, the selection of the wine making technique and its implementation throughout the fermentation-maturation-ageing process, as well as the close attention to all steps preceding bottling, are also most definitely taken into account.The team at ALPHA ESTATE tries to highlight the potential inherent to the vine ecosystem, established in the Amyntaio region.

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Visit the region: Florina

Archaeological findings testify that the Florina region has been inhabited since 6000 BC. During the classical era, it was under the administration of the royal house of Lyncestes, then under Roman occupation, the Byzantine Empire and, finally, under Ottoman rule. It was only in 1912 that it was liberated. The rich flora and fauna of the Prespes lakes, the forests with beeches, oak trees, firs and cedars, the small and larger rivers are only some of the treasures of the area. Visitors are awe-struck by the well-preserved traditional settlements, the mountains and gorges, the waterfalls and the natural hot water reservoirs.

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Malagouzia "Turtles" P.G.I Florina "Alpha Estate" White Wine 750ml

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A richly textured wine with superb length and balance.

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Meet the producer: Alpha Estate
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