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Product History
Concentrated juices made with carefully selected Greek fruit, which, once diluted with water, turn into wonderful, tasty and refreshing drinks!
Meet the producer: Mylanthos
The company Mylanthos SA created in 2010. It is a standard unit manufacturing traditional sweets - jams, citrus using only natural materials and applying techniques that aim to preserve aromas and flavors intact. Mylanthos farm is placed between three nice traditional villages: Melissi, Thalero and Gelianitika in roughly equal distances from them. The distance from the sea is only 15 minutes walking distance while the altitude is about 65 meters from the sea level. This microclimate provides the best possible conditions for smooth citrus growths. Beside the natural capital they created a model unit to work out the flavors offered to them with respect to tradition in parallel applying the highest standards at all stages of the collection of the fruit, the immediate processing of up to storing and transporting all over Greece and the world. With dedication to tradition, inspired by the flavors of the estate they make each batch without haste, using classic recipes in a modern laboratory with the latest equipment. Transported immediately to the production line, since the farthest tree there is more than one kilometers from their workplace. So they keep all their organoleptic qualities with main emphasis on aroma. The company's main commitment is the production and distribution of high quality food and reliability, which meet the needs and wishes of customers. The safety, health and the quality of products is guaranteed by the rigorous selection and control of both the suppliers and the raw materials that they use with the use of the latest technology equipment and with continuous controls at all stages of production.
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Visit the region: Korinthia

The region of Korinthos was the largest commercial centre in ancient Greece. During its history, it had been occupied by Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Ioannites Knights of Rhodes and Turks. Ancient fortresses, citadels, ancient monuments, Byzantine churches, reservoirs, cobbled streets, towers and arches, all testify the city's glorious past. Korinthia’s landscape exerts a strange attraction to visitors - the picturesque mountain villages of “Mountainous Korinthia”, with its stone-built houses, pine covered mountains, fir and oak trees, lakes, natural hot springs, the lagoon, the caves and of course its beautiful beaches.

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Homemade lemonade from Xylokastro"Mylanthos" 500ml

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Meet the producer: Mylanthos
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