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Veto Distillery

It was in 1948 that Dimitris Spentzas founded the first factory of distillery in Mytilene, the place where his family lived permanently. Dynamic with confidence and trust in the produced ouzo distillers, named his product Ouzo VETO, with the certainty that it will be imposed not only in the domestic market but also there will be future dynamic growth in the export sector too.
And his dream came true! Till his death he will discuss with his son George, who was raised in the distillery, about his favorite drink Ouzo and his dreams.The distillery achieved the creation of a competitive product, with a stable quality and great qualities raw materials. Moreover, it was equipped with the latest technology and since the ‘70s while his son George took over the company’s management. As a result, there are new facilities, certified, good quality and well-taken care of products, environmental concern and innovative attitude. The innovative idea of packaging must be mentioned, since a metal bottle is used, offering a fine product with the authenticity of timeless tradition.