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Product History
Greece is famous for its variety of legumes as a product of exceptional cultural and nutritional value. Today, the nutritional value of legumes is recognized internationally, as they constitute a key element of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Legumes, in addition to soup, can be enjoyed cooked in a pot or in the oven, in salad recipes mixed with various vegetables, accompanying meat or cooked in risotto recipes.
Meet the producer: AGRIFARM
Agrifarm, founded in December 2013 and already boasting several international awards, is an innovative form of collaborative production and standardization of agricultural products – mainly pulses and rice - grown in a natural way. The company focuses on the Production and Standardization of high-end products of the Greek land, through the adoption of a specific farming model and the approach called “Refarming Greece”. The "Refarming Greece" initiative is about challenging the existing entrepreneurial culture in agriculture. Agrifarm’s aim is to change attitudes and promote synergies, economies of scale and a focus on specific microclimate zones, working closely with academic institutions, bringing the consumer as close as possible to the source with full transparency, respect for the environment and a strong social impact dimension. All packaging, for example, is cotton-based, thus avoiding plastic materials, as social impact is very important to the company. The company provides expertise and know-how to farmers, buys up their produce and exports it to the UK, US, Canada, and Italy, or to the Greek chain markets and specialty food stores, building a strong relationship of trust and reliability with producers in an otherwise often unstable market.
Visit the region: Lamia

Lamia, hailed as the Noble Lady of Roumeli, is the capital of the Regional Unit of Phthiotis, Region of Central Greece. Mythological accounts are unclear as to the origin of the city’s name. One account says that it was built by Lamos, son of Hercules and Omphale, Queen of Lydia who was the one to purchase Hercules from Hermes after Hercules had been sold as a slave per Zeus’ command. Another account maintains that it was built by mythological Lamia, daughter of Poseidon and Queen of the Trachineans. Whatever the legendary case may have been, the founders of the city chose its location very carefully: Situated as it is at the foothills of Mount Othrys, near Sperchios River, Lamia acquired great strategic significance. Archaeological studies have revealed that the area has been inhabited since at least the Bronze Age (2800-1100 BC). Due to its strategic position, Lamia’s past is an illustrious one. Silent witnesses to that past are Lamia’s ancient monuments, churches, and historical locations which unravel the city’s history before the eyes of visitors to the area’s lovely sights.

Lamia’s Medieval Castle is the most famous one. Built on a rocky hill, it towers over the city and affords a panoramic view of the enchanting Valley of Sperchios River, the peaks of Mounts Oiti, Kallidromo, legendary Othrys, Parnassos, Ghiona, and of the Malian Gulf. Lamia’s historical Bridge of Alamana retains unaltered the collective memory from the battle fought there and the tragic defeat of Athanassios Diakos and his men by the Ottoman troops in 1822. A visit to the nearby site of historical Thermopylae is “must” as it is the location of the Battle of Thermopylae known the world over. In 482 BC, at the narrow coastal passage that existed there in antiquity, 300 Spartans under King Leonidas of Sparta clashed and held off King Xerxes’ considerable Persian forces until betrayed by Ephialtes. The last historical stop is Anthele, an early centre of the Delphinian Amphictiony and the place of origin of the Greeks’ civil history. The breathtaking sights around Lamia, its cultural heritage, and the warm hospitality lavished by Lamia residents on the area’s visitors have made the city a pole of well-deserved tourism attraction.

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Yellow Split Fava from Central Greece "Agrifarm" 500g

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Meet the producer: AGRIFARM
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