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Classic Cretan raki made from excellent grapes. The production of tsikoudia takes place in Prinias Maleviziou where, thanks to the altitude (700 m.) And the ideal subsoil, grape varieties are produced with a special taste and aroma. Characteristics The marcs used are fermented in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature. The distillation process takes place under completely controlled conditions of pressure and temperature, thanks to the modern fractional distillation urn they have and the experience of twenty-six years of operation.
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Potent flavors, strong aromas and intense colors are only a few of the elements that characterize the high-quality distillates that we have collected for you from selected Greek producers!
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Traditional Cretan distilled grape spirit «Tsikoudia» "Haraki" 700ml

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The beloved, traditional Cretan distillate!

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