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Product Description
With the delicious, tomato sauces Pella’s Delicacies, we make fast but healthy food! Try it on oily, pasta and especially on your blushes! The modern production units of Pella’s Delicacies, in combination with the traditional methods of preparation, help to maintain the freshness of the tomato. With the first opening, the scents of the Greek summer overflow. The taste, the aroma, the rich and dense texture remain unchanged even after opening, while the antioxidant action of the tomato makes it necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
Tomato 82%, onion, mushroom 7%, green pepper, sea salt, sugar, extra virgin olive oil, thyme, garlic.
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Product History
Tomato sauce was created due to the need of preserving excess crop back when there were no refrigerators. The tomatoes were being boiled and with the addition of olive oil as a natural preservative, they could be preserved for a longer period of time. Today, it is scientifically proven that lycopene -one of the antioxidants contained in tomato - can be found in a much higher concentration when the tomato is cooked. Tomato came to Greece during the 19th century and quickly became a synonymous to the mediterranean diet.
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Pella was the capital of Hellenistic Macedonia during ancient times. Its history is inextricably linked to the history of the Macedonian kingdom, ruled by King Philip II and Alexander the Great. Its strategic position contributed to the expansion of the kingdom, to all four corners of the globe, during its commercial and cultural prosperity. Archaelogical excavations from 1914 up to this day have shed light on a number of archaeological findings of special historical value, such as an entire Hellenistic city with a palace, famous mosaics, burial monuments, sculptures etc. The natural scenery of the region includes mountainous landscapes, deciduous forests and coniferous trees, alpine meadows, rare vegetation, lakes, rivers, valleys, gorges, protected hydro habitats and species of wild fauna.

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Tomato sauce with basil from Pella "Pella's Delicacies" 360g

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With the delicious, tomato sauces Pella’s Delicacies, we make fast but healthy food! Try it!

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