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The island of Samos is located in the Eastern Aegean and has been inhabited since the fourth millennium BC by Pelasgi, its oldest residents. It was the centre of the Ionic culture, and also home of the philosopher Pythagoras and astronomer Aristarchus. Greeks and Persians fought over it; however, it was conquered by the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans. The ancient monuments, paleontological findings, monasteries and Byzantine temples, all, remind us of the long history and rich cultural tradition of the island. Some sectors were really well-developed on the island, for example, trade, tannage, vine culture and winemaking. The vineyards on the mountain slopes, the orchards, the chestnut trees, the black pine trees and the crystal-clear waters, all together with the wonderful golden sandy beaches, the picturesque bays and small coves, make a most beautiful picture – worth painting. Indulge yourself, by visiting this gorgeous island with the waterfalls, gorges and wetlands!