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The Pindos mountain range is the largest of the Greek peninsula. Its mountain peaks are lush with vegetation, such as pine and robola forests which surround the valleys, known for their unique natural wealth. One of the valleys, Valia Calda, has actually been designated as a national park. The natural landscape is at the same time original, unspoilt and impressively beautiful, while it is also of great environmental importance. Visitors have the opportunity to admire a wide range of wildflowers (narcissi, lilies, orchids, poppies, daisies, etc.) and forest birds (woodpeckers, birds of prey, etc.). Pindos is also the natural habitat for many wild animals (bears, wolves, roe deer, wild boars, chamois, etc.). Simply enjoy a great combination of natural beauty, including large rivers and high-altitude lakes, with man-made works of art, arched bridges and traditional villages with stone houses.