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Spices are dried parts of plants that contain aromatic, spicy and tasty substances. Spices give a unique flavor to the food as they are usually added towards the end of the cooking, so that high temperature does not destroy the aromatic and flavorful character. Spices are also sensitive to light, moisture and heat so it is best advised to keep them in sealed glass jars, away from light and moisture sources.
Meet the producer: Kea Friendly Farm
Kea Friendly Farm
Kea Friendly Farm The idea for the creation of a pilot series of organic traditional farming products from the Cycladic land which was born by a general need for food free from harmful preservatives, medicines and chemical fertilizers. Unfortunately harmful additives used in domestic and imported agricultural products ultimately borne not only human health, but also the entire environment in which we live. So respecting consumers, we use the two most pure and effective preservatives that are offered us generously by nature; the crude salt of Greek sea and the biological vinegar so as to have our products not only traditional taste, but also unsurpassed nutritional value. Without drugs, without chemical fertilizers and mechanical interventions we have created products 100% natural, destined for people who love healthy food, fine cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine.
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Organic caper shoots from Kea "Kea Friendly Farm" 230g

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Meet the producer: Kea Friendly Farm