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"Klostari" is a type of baklava made traditionally in the area of Konitsa in Epirus. It has a cylindrical shape with successive folds of pastry on the surface. The thin sheets of pastry are scrunched up together when shaped into a cylinder. Within these folds, are drawn all the aromas and the flavours of the ingredients of the filling: the almond, the butter and the spices. After the "klostari" has been baked well in the oven, honey syrup is poured over it transforming it into a tasty pastry with an excellent flavour and energy - giving qualities.
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Product History
Crisp, thin and buttered pastry sheets, roasted nuts and aromatic syrup: the basic ingredients for preparing syrupy delights that originate from eastern Mediterranean countries and have a history that goes deep into the centuries.
Meet the producer: Epirus Gi
Epirus Gi

"Epirus Gi" is a small industry of traditional pastries. The soul of the industry are two young people, Thomas and Lena Nikolaou, who left their life in Athens, to return to their place of origin, Konitsa in Epirus, to get involved in traditional pastry making. They gathered homemade recipes from the elderly ladies of the area and set up a workshop which respects and honours Epirus cuisine and tradition. Their sweets (baklava, oven baked sweets, marzipans) are made with carefully selected ingredients. Their fragrance and outstanding flavour make them too great a temptation, for many to resist.

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Visit the region: Konitsa

The region of Konitsa is located at the point where 3 rivers meet: Sarantaporos, Aoos and Voidomatis. It is surrounded by solid mountains with rich flora and fauna. Canyons and imposing gorges, mountain lakes and alpine meadows, dense oak and beech forests, gigantic planes on the banks of the rivers, national parks and protected habitats for birds and mammals, as well as environmental parks, all make up a diverse and mesmerizing landscape. In antiquity, Konitsa was the centre of the Molossian kingdom, while it experienced its largest growth during the time of the Ottoman rule. From the famous Mastorochoria of the region, we have the "craftsmen" of stone, timber and of popular paintings. These crafts were developed and taught beyond the borders of Greece. Bridges, temples, monasteries, mansions, traditional settlements, residential complexes of the Ottoman period, bear witness to the long and important historical course of Konitsa.

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Traditional baklavas "Klostari" with almonds, from Konitsa "Epirus Gi" 45g

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A mouthwatering baklava from the area of Konitsa!

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Meet the producer: Epirus Gi
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