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The peach spread is made with fresh juicy peaches and 100% natural grape juice just like old times, in order to keep the delicious flavor and aromas of the fruit! Wonderful fruity flavor without added sugar so that you can experience the full flavor, without the extra calories! Enjoy it on toasted bread, crêpes, sauces, cereals, yoghurt or ice cream.
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Product History
Many of us have formed in our minds the misconception that in order to follow a balanced diet and achieve weight loss, we need to undergo exhaustive and flavorless diets. However, this is no longer the case as there is an abundance of products that are naturally produced in such a way, which can reduce their caloric value, but at the same time maintain their flavor.
Meet the producer: Goumenisses

Dimitra Dartsi is the initiator, founder and creator of "Goumenisses". Born and bred in this region, she is well acquainted with the local products and taste traditions. She has also learnt to share the efforts of the people and their love for the land. Family- recipe secrets, sweet presentations and her love for tradition have all inspired her to bring homemade delights to the shelves in shops. This is how the home-based business "Goumenisses" was founded in the village named "Griva", on mount Paiko. Production starts in May, when the land generously offers its fruit, and ends in February, thus adequately covering consumers' needs for a whole year. Spring fruit, August vegetables, winter chestnuts and quinces are cooked in their respective season in the traditional way, and are packed with care, without the addition of preservatives or alternative additives. Motivated by their love for excellent flavour and the high nutritional value of traditional cuisine, the women of Goumenisses cook as they would at home. Their utmost ambition is to be made known and to be included in the list of international cuisines.

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Visit the region: Goumenissa

In the heart of Macedonia, between two valleys, right where the prefectures of Pella and Kilkis are joined, rises mount Paiko, with its highest peak reaching 1.650 metres. Although it seems to be lacking in height, it most definitely stands out for its beauty. Dense areas of beech trees, oak and chestnut trees and lush vegetation, are split by rivers and fast-rushing streams going through, composing a wonderful and natural landscape. Known for its springs, Paiko is a fertile mountain that is perfect for fruit and vine growing. It is also famous for hosting the biggest chestnut tree forest in Greece. With a strong local character, stone-built houses and watermills, Goumenissa is home to a friendly population and it stands out for its culinary events, such as the "Chestnut Festival".

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Handmade peach spread "Goumenisses" 220g

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Product code: 003177 Gross Weight 400g
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The peach spread is made with fresh juicy peaches and 100% natural grape juice just like old times!
Meet the producer: Goumenisses
Map of Greece Visit the region: Goumenissa...