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Visit the region: Ano Poroia
Ano Poroia

Ano Poroia is located in the northern part of the prefecture of Serres, on the western slopes of mount Belles. The name Poroia comes from the combination of the words "poros" (which means passageway) and "roia"(which means flow) and indicates the location of the village on the running waters of the passage of Belles. The settlement was originally inhabited by the persecuted Greeks of Moschopolis, northern Epirus, Pindos and Grammos, and much later Asia Minor and Pontos. The houses are built amphitheatrically on the slopes of Lake Kerkini. Ano Poroia is characterized by a landscape of unique beauty, with shady plane trees, gurgling streams, forested slopes and cobbled roads - all characteristic of Epirus and Macedonian architecture.

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Andreadou Georgia

Georgia Andreadou from Ano Poroia, Serres, is engaged in the production and merchandising of traditional pasta. Respecting local origin, she makes pasta solely from buffalo milk, produced by free-range buffaloes living around Lake Kerkini. The main concern of this family business is to continue the taste tradition and make use of the local raw materials, always in consideration to people and of course the environment.

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