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Melissi Korinthias

The area of Corinth was ancient Greece’s most significant trading hub. Due to its strategic location, its temperate climate and rich soil, as well as its commercial activities, the area successively came under the rule of the Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, the military Order of the Rhodes-based Knights of St. John, and the Turks. The area’s ancient forts, fortified acropolises, ancient monuments, Byzantine churches, cisterns, cobble-stone streets, towers, and vaulted arches stand mute witnesses to a glorious past. Corinthia’s natural vistas also draw visitors irresistibly: Mountain villages with stone-built houses, peaks of pine forests and oaks, tranquil lakes, hot springs, a lagoon, caves, and lovely sandy beaches, all compose an enchanting picture.

Melissi is a scenic village northwest of Corinth, on the shore of the Corinthian Gulf, between Kiato and Xylokastro. During the summer months it’s a preferred tourism destination. Before 1912, when it was established as a Community, Melissi was part of the Sikyon Municipality. It owes its name to the wild bees whose hives were wedged on a rocky surface east of the Church of Aghios Konstantinos which was demolished in 1884 to make way for the railroad. Under Turkish rule, Melissi and its greater area were the property of the Bey of Corinth and of the prominent Rentis Family who are said to have had Crusader ancestors and their history is interwoven with that of Melissi’s. Melissi is a fertile area and its inhabitants are engaged in winegrowing and olive growing and in the cultivation of citrus fruit and apricots. A picturesque, quiet village, Melissi acts as magnet on visitors who wish for rest and relaxation. Any time of the year, Melissi, Corinthia, is ready to welcome you with open, hospitable arms!