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Wishing to showcase the bounty of the area of Ilia, Peloponnese, Deluxe Foods has come up with an all-natural product that combines honey with nutritious hazelnut paste. Additive-free, it’s a sweet spread that wins you over with its irresistibly aromatic profile and its ability to give you an instant energy boost. Honey and hazelnut come together in one balanced combination that shows to best advantage the beneficial properties Greek honey and Greek hazelnuts have in abundance.

The history of honey begins in ancient times when it held a prominent position in everyday nutrition. The Mediterranean Diet and especially the Cretan Diet include honey as a key ingredient in almost all of their interpretations. The contribution of honey to nutrition has been proven to be equally strong. It contains simple sugars which are absorbed by the human body instantly, thus boosting energy levels. It also contains a number of vitamins and precious trace minerals. Honey is used as a tonic and antiseptic, it has an antibacterial action, it is employed in dressing wounds and burns, it helps with the smooth function of the intestinal tract, alleviates sleeplessness, soothes throat soreness and stomach ulcers, and has a beneficial effect on the human body overall.

Hazelnuts are nutritious nuts, highly acclaimed for their dietary fiber, vitamins, and energy they give. To make its melt-in-the-mouth spread, Deluxe Foods grinds premium hazelnuts, an integral part of a balanced diet, until they are turned into hazelnut paste. The paste is then blended into gourmet honey from Greek forests. The blend results in a spread that contributes to wellness and helps the body function seamlessly. When used in recipes, it brings out the very best of its Greek traditional nature and heavenly aromas.

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Product History
References of honey can be found in ancient times, where it seemed to hold a special place in daily diet. Ancient Greeks believed that honey was the food of the Gods of Olympus (Nectar of the Gods). According to Greek mythology, Zeus was brought up with honey, by nymph Melissa at Diktaion Andron cave. Also, during the Byzantine period, honey was one of the main parts of the diet in monasteries. Today, the world-acclaimed Mediterranean Diet and particularly the Cretan Diet consider honey to be the main and healthiest sweetener. A symbol of fertility and well-being, the nutritional value of honey is undeniably great. Honey contains simple sugars which are directly absorbed by the body, making it a quick source of energy. It also contains vitamins and precious micronutrients.
Meet the producer: 776 Deluxe Foods
776 Deluxe Foods

In 2014, a company new to the food sector was established in Pyrgos, Ilia, in the Peloponnese. Almost immediately, the first presentation of its products created a climate of high expectations. 776 Deluxe Foods was established with a view to producing and distributing to the market wholesome products local to the area of Ilia and traditional in nature. Its range of premium, gourmet products includes olive oil, honey, and traditional pasta such as sweet trahanas (frumenty), hilopites (noodles), lasagna, kritharaki (orzo), and papardelle.

776 Deluxe Foods set out to promote worldwide the gourmet extra virgin olive oil which is produced in the area of ancient Olympia and that no one knew about outside the borders of Greece. The company was convinced that the world had to find out about that superior olive oil and that its mission was to share that treasured product with people around the world. Its mission soon grew to include not only the production and distribution of its own extra virgin olive oil but also the select local products of small food producers. Why 776 Deluxe Foods? What does that number mean? The company took its name from the date 776 BCE, the date when the first Olympic Games were held in ancient Olympia. Thousands of years later after that date, in the greater area of Olympia, the 776 Deluxe Foods team is striving to continue the Greek spirit of winning and the region’s tradition by making available to the world the very best foods that the bounty of the area of Olympia so generously yields.

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Honey & hazelnut spread "776 Deluxe Foods" 8.8oz

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Greek raw honey blended together with hazelnut paste for sweet moments, for gourmet moments, for moments that whisper "me time”!
Meet the producer: 776 Deluxe Foods
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