September is the month of new beginnings for everyone. Especially for our young friends, this month signifies the beginning of the new school year. However, this should not create negative emotions, since summer has fully charged our batteries and has properly prepared us for the coming year.

A parent’s primary goal is to provide his/her children with a strengthening breakfast in order to cope with the demanding day ahead. A glass of milk with toasts and sugar-free handmade traditional jam or authentic honey, are not only the children’s all-time favorites but also, “dynamites” of energy! 

For school, we advise you to avoid over-the-counter, full of preservatives and processed snacks. The best choices are the homemade snacks and the pure, traditional products from selected Greek producers. Little cheese buns with chia seeds or a piece of authentic cheese bread from Chalkidiki are definitely two choices that kids will absolutely love! Moreover, little spinach pies are traditional and extremely nutritious food choices that can easily fit in the school lunch box.

At you can also find suggestions for sweet snacks made with quality and nutritious ingredients. Try to make little sweet cheese pies with xinomizithra, cinnamon and honey, biscuits with olive oil, oat and chocolate and of course, handmade cereal bars, easily and quickly!

Finally, at Yoleni’s deli shop one can discover many healthy snack suggestions. Breadsticks with olive and carrot, Cretan oatmeal bites, carob multigrain bites, breadsticks with Greek cheese & rosemary, Royal Jelly & banana oat bar, sesame bar with honey and chocolate & cranberry bar are just a few of them. Cheers to new beginnings and healthy snacks!