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L' Esprit du Lac or "the spirit of the lake" is the new rose wine from Kir-Yianni. It captures the dynamic spirit of Xinomavro into an elegant, refreshing rose. This seasonal wine has a light body, fresh acidity and peach and strawberry aromas. It accompanies delicious dishes of exotic cuisine, spit chicken and frying pan, daily Mediterranean dishes, and oily fish such as salmon.
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Product History
The specific vinification and manufacturing methods used for obtaining quality wines of the rosé variety requires the know-how and inspiration from the winemaker, in order to achieve the combined attributes of both red and white varieties. The rosé wines are characterized by great flexibility, as far as food pairing is concerned. They can be consumed as an aperitif or an excellent accompaniment to a platter of fruit. Discover their splendor!
Meet the producer: Kir-Yianni Estate
Kir-Yianni Estate

"KIR-YIANNI" company was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris. Focusing mainly on the regions of Naoussa and Amyntaio, on both sides of Mount Vermio, in northwest Greece, "Kir-Yianni" company continues the long family tradition. Its first priority is the production of high quality wines, with an original character, but also appealing to the contemporary consumer.It is not accidental that Kir-Yianni Estate has been operating based on the principles of integrated farming. On the contrary, this is a conscious management decision, made out of respect for the environment, appreciated as a valuable part of a culture currently in danger. Moreover, integrated farming offers the additional benefit of creating high quality products. Integrated farming was first used by the company in 2004, it was then AGROCERT (Agricultural Products Certification and Supervision Organization) certified and is nowadays still used on the estate.The team of Kir-Yianni, under the guidance of Stelios Boutaris, son of Yiannis, is currently preparing the next important step that will fulfil its vision for the Estate. This vision is based on the main Kir-Yianni principles; innovation, respect for tradition, and expertise in wine and the whole wine making process, from harvesting to delivering to the end consumer.

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Visit the region: Florina

Archaeological findings testify that the Florina region has been inhabited since 6000 BC. During the classical era, it was under the administration of the royal house of Lyncestes, then under Roman occupation, the Byzantine Empire and, finally, under Ottoman rule. It was only in 1912 that it was liberated. The rich flora and fauna of the Prespes lakes, the forests with beeches, oak trees, firs and cedars, the small and larger rivers are only some of the treasures of the area. Visitors are awe-struck by the well-preserved traditional settlements, the mountains and gorges, the waterfalls and the natural hot water reservoirs.

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Xinomavro «L' Esprit du Lac» P.D.O Amyndeon "Kir-Yianni" Rosé Dry Wine 750ml

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Xinomavro. This seasonal wine has a light body, fresh acidity and peach and strawberry aromas.
Meet the producer: Kir-Yianni Estate
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