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Katogi Averof a full and well-structured wine, consists of three red varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Agiorgitiko. This wine is being produced since 1963, while it keeps the quality at high level . A wine that you can taste everyday with excellent value for money, that should exist in every cellar. It has a clear and striking deep purple color with charming hues. It gives wonderful aromas of red fruit, balancing perfectly with notes of oak and vanilla. Enjoy it with cooked meats, such as beef stew, pasta ,pasta with red sauces, grilled meats, lamb on the spit, intestines and sausages. Served at 16-18 ° C.
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Most of the Greek white grape varieties have roots that are lost in the mists of time. They give us wines that are easily identified by the distinctive elegant aromas of citrus blossoms and ripe yellow fruit, such as lemon, lime or Peach and yellow apple. The level of fruitiness that you taste in a wine leads to very different growing regions.
Meet the producer: Domaine Tselepos
Domaine Tselepos

By taking advantage of the ecosystem of Arcadian land we set our moschofilero vineyards at an altitude of 750 metres. These 500 hectares of moschofilero vines have been the core of PDO Mantinia vineyards since 1971. The very special microclimate of Mantinia growth is what makes this variety differ compared to other varieties grown in Peloponnese. Thus, the “fileri” which is cultivated throughout Peloponnese turns into moschofilero in Mantinia, an important producer of premium white wines with a special aroma and flavour obtained thanks to the low temperature of the location and the late ripening. Perched in 30 hectares of privately owned vineyard,Tselepos winery fully fits the natural environment and ecosystem of the area, featuring elements of local Peloponnesian architecture. The lively spaces of the winery stand out for their design, which is highly artistic and at the same time austere and functional. The modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment perfectly serve their philosophy and aim at producing supreme quality wine complying with international standards and exceeding the expectations of wine lovers. Thanks to the winery's excellent equipment wine is bottled under excellent conditions and wine production has gradually increased coming up to 350.000 wine bottles per year and this is what makes Tselepos Estate internationally acknowledged amongst wine producers and wine exporters.

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Visit the region: Arcadia

Arcadia is located in the middle of the Peloponnese, and constitutes one of the most interesting regions of Greece, thanks to its significance in mythology, archaeological treasures and monuments, glorious history and its unique natural beauty. According to Greek mythology, many ancient gods were born in Arkadia. The most important of all, was Panas, the God of music and the countryside. Τhe literary genre of pastoral poetry was developed in Arkadia and that's where the famous Arcadian idealism for life flourished, exalting the love for nature, music, spiritual and physical relaxation and faith in human values. Its wild mountains, impetuous rivers, lakes, wetlands, wildflowers, the myriad of herbs, cultivated land, the mountainous grazing land, the majestic mountainous traditional settlements, and the clear blue sea. All these colour combinations, pictures and contrasts compose the magic of the Arkadian landscape.

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Mantinia P.D.O. «Classic» "Tselepos Winery" white wine 750ml

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A delicious red wine with history! It will make your everyday culinary creation taste perfect and you will make an impression with your choice!

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Meet the producer: Domaine Tselepos
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