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Anestis Babatzimopoulos, often called ʺLord of distillationʺ, following the traditional method of Greek distillers from Istanbul in the 19th century, creates an authentic ouzo. A product of masterful distillation in traditional copper stills, Babatzim ouzo stands out for its aromatic and delicious taste and its sweet aniseed aftertaste. Serving instructions: Serve the ouzo in a glass with ice cubes or cold water. Observe and admire the wonderful fine, white lines, like threads forming as it blends with the water. Babatzim ouzo is beautifully combined with octopus patties, tomato patties, potato salad, greens pies, salted preserves etc. The alcohol content is 40%vol.
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Product History
Ouzo, a traditional Greek distillate, is synonymous with joy and delight, good company, meze and relaxed mood. The main places of origin are the islands of Lesvos and Chios, and Northern Greece. Greek ouzo has been designated by the European Union as a “national product“, which means that the name “ouzo“ is not allowed to be used for any other european drink. In accordance with european legislation, “ouzo“ is the product that consists of at least 20% of distillate of agricultural origin (cereals etc.) and the rest of flavored alcohol with a dominant aroma of anethole (the essential oil of anise). Today, every town or village of Greece has its own traditional ouzeries, serving ouzo accompanied with meze. It is ideally served in a narrow glass with cold water which turns it from crystal clear to milky semi-transparent drink, as anethole is separated in the form of a nebula. Just magical!
Meet the producer: Babatzimopoulos estate
Babatzimopoulos estate

The history of the Babatzimopoulos family in distillery begins in 1875 in Istanbul. The tradition continues with the settling of the family in Macedonia, following the Asia Minor Catastrophe. In 1973, the grandson, Anestis Babatzimopoulos, sets up a winery and a distillery in Ahchialo in Thessaloniki, where ouzo and raki distillations and a range of local wines are produced. In 1974 he sets up a new winery in Ossa, in the middle of a biological vineyard. Restless and creative, prolific and bold, Anestis Babatzimopoulos follows his heart and has been creating popular wines and distillations for the past forty years. He is a viticulturist-wine producer-distiller who, without a doubt, sets an excellent example for the younger generations.

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Visit the region: Thessaloniki

The Nymph of Thermaikos, the City of St. Demetrius! Those are two of the names by which Thessaloniki is known and hailed by. Tightly held in the embrace of the Gulf of Thermaikos, Thessaloniki extends from the coast all the way back to the nearby foothills of Hortiatis Mountain. It has the second largest population in Greece and is located in Central Macedonia. Ever since its foundation by Kassandros some 2,300 years ago, Thessaloniki flourished as a Hellenistic city and continued to be prominent under Ottoman rule, taking advantage of its strategic location. A cross-cultural melting pot, Thessaloniki was given its name by Kassandros in 315 BC in honor of the sister of Alexander the Great. Its steady growth began under Roman rule when the Romans built Egnatia Way, an ambitious project, which linked Thessaloniki with Constantinople and Rome. During Byzantine times, Thessaloniki rose to further prominence and acquired the title “Symvasilevousa”, the Co-Reigning City, ruling in tandem with Constantinople. It came under Turkish rule in 1430 and was liberated in 1912.

Today, Thessaloniki is a contemporary, cosmopolitan city with districts and sights cloaked with the aura of its erstwhile glory that beckon to visitors in pursuit of authenticity to make them their own. The White Tower (part of the city’s old fortifications), Ano Poli, a district where Macedonian and Balkan architectures predominate, the Rotonda, the squares and Byzantine churches are but some of the Thessaloniki’s points of interest. It’s a city whose beauty takes your breath away whether you’re after plain sightseeing or seeking inviting corners where the past meets the present. It is a city that affords visitors the perfect opportunity to have fun, enjoy the premium services offered by traditional Greek hospitality, and leave their heart at the feet of Macedonian gastronomy.

Fusion, fragrant, delicious are but a few of the adjectives that could be attributed to the cuisine of Thessaloniki, which proudly boasts a dizzying array of mouthwatering dishes and pastries. Each dish, each pastry is a tribute of taste and flavor to the memory of the people this hospitable city took into its embrace, people from diverse cultures, religions, customs, and traditions. Thessaloniki is where Byzantine cuisine came together with Jewish cuisine, where the Middle Eastern and Turkish culinary traditions wedded local cuisine where all melded together, converting into a single, rich culinary tapestry of creative cooking: the cuisine that established Thessaloniki as the capital of taste or, as the locals call it, “kibar” cuisine, a Turkish word that means “lavishly generous and great-hearted”. No visitor ever feels left out in Thessaloniki. The city scoops you up and sings you songs of natural beauty, of tradition comfortable with the present, of spectacular entertainment and gourmet experiences. Thessaloniki: the city of feeling good and having a good time, a city that never sleeps!

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Ouzo (greek distillate) from Thessaloniki "Babatzim" 700ml

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Ouzo from Macedonia with a seductive aniseed aroma!
Meet the producer: Babatzimopoulos estate
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