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Ouzo, a traditional Greek distillate, is synonymous with joy and delight, good company, meze and relaxed mood. The main places of origin are the islands of Lesvos and Chios, and Northern Greece. Greek ouzo has been designated by the European Union as a “national product“, which means that the name “ouzo“ is not allowed to be used for any other european drink. In accordance with european legislation, “ouzo“ is the product that consists of at least 20% of distillate of agricultural origin (cereals etc.) and the rest of flavored alcohol with a dominant aroma of anethole (the essential oil of anise). Today, every town or village of Greece has its own traditional ouzeries, serving ouzo accompanied with meze. It is ideally served in a narrow glass with cold water which turns it from crystal clear to milky semi-transparent drink, as anethole is separated in the form of a nebula. Just magical!