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Sweet Wine Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) - Samos Alcohol Content: 15% vol. The most popular Vin de Liqueur of Samos! With a light golden colour, the aromas of apricot and ripe melon jam, hints of butter candy, the strong characteristic flavour of Muscat grapes and a seductive freshness, Vin Doux is a sweet wine which can surely seduce almost everyone. Enjoy it with desserts and sweets or even on its own as a liqueur.
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    Gold Metal in the International competition Vinalies Internatinales 2012, Paris Bronze Metal in the International competition Decanter 2011, UK Silver Metal in the International Wine & Spirits Competition 2012, UK Silver Metal in the International competition International Wine Challenge 2012, UK Gold Metal in the International competition Selections Mondial des Vins 2012, Canada
Product History
These are wines that are served towards the end of the meal and essentially complement and conclude the dining experience. Thanks to the high consentration of alcohol, they “clean“ the taste buds and help the digestion process. Greek dessert wines stand out thanks to the dense aromas, rich taste, great varieties and unique personality.
Meet the producer: Union of Cooperative Winemaking of Samos
Union of Cooperative Winemaking of Samos

The Union of Winemaking Cooperatives of Samos (EOSS) was founded in 1934, counting 25 local cooperatives that represent all vine growers of the island. From its foundation up to this day, the EOSS harvests its grapes and produces wine, at its two wineries in Malagari and Karlovassi. This wine is then distributed to the Greek market, and exported to the rest of the world.The vineyards of Samos Island are unique in the world; 16,000 acres, containing almost only terraced vineyards, make a perfect match to the dense flora embellishing the island and creating the ideal scene for the making of original and special wines.Eight hundred meters above the Aegean Sea level, the slopes of Mount Ampelos create a huge amphitheatre with its tiers full of vines.Most of Samos vine villages are situated in the northern, and less touristic part of the island. In addition, most of the vineyards are on mountainous and semi-mountainous areas allowing for slow and gradual grape maturation, until the grapes reach an impressively high standard, which assures the production of sweet Muscat wines with rich heavenly aromas. The soil is deep, with perfect drainage capacity, allowing the roots to penetrate deep into the soil, in search of ‘food’. The grapes mature in a perfect way and are also rich in valuable substances.The EOSS aims at enhancing its market position, through the recognition of its products, the increase of its share in the global wine market and the constant expanding of its business into new markets.

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Visit the region: Samos

The island of Samos is located in the Eastern Aegean and has been inhabited since the fourth millennium BC by Pelasgi, its oldest residents. It was the centre of the Ionic culture, and also home of the philosopher Pythagoras and astronomer Aristarchus. Greeks and Persians fought over it; however, it was conquered by the Romans, the Byzantines and the Ottomans. The ancient monuments, paleontological findings, monasteries and Byzantine temples, all, remind us of the long history and rich cultural tradition of the island. Some sectors were really well-developed on the island, for example, trade, tannage, vine culture and winemaking. The vineyards on the mountain slopes, the orchards, the chestnut trees, the black pine trees and the crystal-clear waters, all together with the wonderful golden sandy beaches, the picturesque bays and small coves, make a most beautiful picture – worth painting. Indulge yourself, by visiting this gorgeous island with the waterfalls, gorges and wetlands!

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«Samos Vin Doux» P.D.O. Samos "EOSS Samou" naturally sweet wine 750ml

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The most popular Vin de Liqueur of Samos!
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