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An unfiltered strong black beer with a distinctive rich taste and fine aromas. When the art of roasting meets the world’s best malts, the result is VERGINA Black. With its distinctive coffee and vanilla overtones, unfiltered and strong VERGINA Black is a truly unique experience for the senses! Distinctive coffee and vanilla. For a unique culinary experience, try VERGINA Black as a dessert with dark chocolate or as an accompaniment to smoked cheeses and sausages.
Thracian Malt Blonde, caramelized specialty malts, Hops (H. Magnum, T. Tettnanger, Enigma AU & Kazbek CZ), Yeast & Water.
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Homer gives us a vivid description of how Alkinoos, the king of Phaeacians, “kept in golden craters [...] wine made from barley (beer)“. The roots of Greek brewing are lost in the mists of time, and our producers strive to give it a fresh breath and the distinct aroma of Greece.
Visit the region: Komotini

Komotini initially made its presence known in history during the first years of Christianity. The city grew significantly during the period of the Byzantine Empire. In 1363 it was annexed to the Ottoman Empire and in 1912 it was occupied by Bulgaria until its liberation in 1920. Travellers to the region of Komotini are constantly impressed by its unique natural beauty: densely forested mountains, century-old plane trees, natural habitats of rare species, lakes and lagoons, stone arch bridges and picturesque villages.

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Black unfiltered beer from Komotini "Vergina" 330ml

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An unfiltered strong black beer with a distinctive rich taste and fine aromas. Distinctive coffee and vanilla. Enjoy!

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