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Greek hospitality was regarded as a moral obligation and a sacred rule of the Gods according to Greek Mythology. As we seek to stay true to tradition, we collected and now offer you a variety of options to treat your guest and of course, the entire family.
Meet the producer: Citrus

The company “Citrus Memory Scent” was created in 2008, with a purpose to highlight and promote the history of the citrus fruit of Chios Island. This initiative aims to create a dynamic link between the past, the present and the future of the citrus fruit that are produced in the famous Kampos region. The innovative practices of the company along with adopting new uses, tastes and flavours for the citrus fruit, is undoubtedly the best evidence that it is possible to offer alternative and quality life habits to modern people . The company's homemade products bring memories of scent, created by small home-based businesses and reminiscent of memories from times gone by. “Citrus” has its offices in the Kampos region of Chios island, in a unique mansion, originally built in 1742, where it: utilizes the various citrus fruit varieties along with the famous Chios tangerines, all found in three large estates. These estates are cultivated with the traditionally known methods so as to create unique citrus fruit products. In addition, the company processes the raw materials, creating homemade flavours for sweets and other traditional products. It promotes the citrus fruit history in a unique space, where housing memories, documents and evidence connected to the Kampos region society are hosted, along with the citrus fruit history dating back to the 15th century, the cultivation of the fields and the commercial processes from the past till nowadays. Finally, it gives an idea of the importance of the Kampos region representing an extended agricultural environment with a high cultural value.

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Visit the region: Chios

Chios belongs to the group of islands of the northern Aegean. It is the fifth largest Greek island and it is characterized by its long history dating back to the Neolithic era. The island originally enjoyed great naval and economic power, right up to its conquest and destruction by the Persians in 493 BC. After that, it gradually regained its autonomy and independence until the invasion of the island by the Romans and finally its complete destruction by powerful earthquakes. The reorganization of the island started again in the 11th century. In 1204 it passed into the hands of Constantinople (Istanbul), then to the Genoese and after that, to the Turks until 1822, when the legendary massacre of Chios by the Turks took place and finally to the liberation of the island in 1912.

Today, Chios is an important travel and culinary destination, proud of its splendid pebbly and sandy beaches, the traditional settlements, the Byzantine churches, the monasteries, the stone mansions and the narrow alleys winding through its medieval villages. The wonderful gardens in Chios, filled with citrus fruit trees, the crops, the thyme, the lentisk and the fragrant mastiha, all give a sense of peace, tranquillity, elegance and authenticity to this island.Chios is a magnificent island blessed by Nature. It has an illustrious historical past and an equally celebrated culinary tradition. But, above all, Chios is known worldwide for mastiha, a unique natural product exclusive to the island. Mastiha gave its name to a number of medieval settlements in southern Chios which are known as Mastihohoria. The settlements were established in Byzantine times and, despite the ravages of Time, they are still considered monuments of cultural heritage.

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Traditional greek bitter almond dessert «submarine» from Chios "Citrus" 125g

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"Submarine" is a traditional sweet and aromatic Greek treat, served on a spoon submerged in a glass of refreshing water. Enjoy!
Meet the producer: Citrus
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