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Product Description
Orange and ouzo jam: The jam that overflows in summer! Crispy peel, squeezed juice and ouzo. How much ouzo? As much as it ties in with our orange. Jam with peach and mastic: The color, the taste, the true aroma, the texture, unfold from the first spoon! Chios Mastic, Greek taste, memories and freshness. Peach crispy, delicious and ideally sweet. Rich taste in a shimmering jam.
INGREDIENTS: oranges, concentrated grape juice, ouzo, citric acidity regulator INGREDIENTS: peaches, concentrated grape juice, mastic tear, citric acidity regulator
Product History
Spoon- sweets are fruit or vegetables cooked and preserved in sugar syrup. Their name derives from the quantity of the sweet when served: it is as much as a teaspoon could fit! Even today, spoon- sweets are a traditional treat and the main treat to welcome a visitor in a Greek home. Either served with a glass of iced water and a cup of coffee, or over ice cream or yogurt, they are just delightful.
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Set with no added sugar handmade orange jam with ouzo & peach jam with mastiha, from Nafpaktia "Evlogia"

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A set with a handmade orange jam with as much ouzo as it suits and a peach jam with Chios Mastic that evokes memories of authentic Greek taste.

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