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Marinated trout produced by the Gerontides family in Kastori, Lakonia, is based on an old traditional recipe. Using pure natural ingredients, like extra virgin olive oil and mountain herbs, the Gerontides family has accomplished to fit flavours that wake our senses in a jar. Trout pieces are marinated in olive oil with pepper, garlic and rosemary, acquiring, in this way, an exceptionally complex taste and becoming a wonderful mezé for ouzo or raki.
Trout, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic, rosemary.
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Product History
On the islands and coastal regions of Greece, the salted, i.e. preserved in salt fish, are a key element of the local gastronomy. In earlier times when there were no refrigerators, each family cured and salted fish mainly during the summer, so as to consume it during the winter, when fishing was more difficult. Accompanied by a glass of ouzo, cured foods are a simple but genuine enjoyment.
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It was in Kastori, in the area of Lakonia and at the foot of mount Taygetos, that Gerontides family founded their company in 1969: one of the first fish farms breeding trout and salmon in Greece. Besides, the natural environment was ideal for the trout hatchery: a 600 metre altitude, the rich, crystal clear running waters of the Aghios Mammas Springs on Taygetos, and, of course, the very cold winter conditions. The unit has also a smokehouse to smoke the fish in the traditional way, using beech wood, and a packaging unit, for the vacuum packaging of the fish, with no preservatives. Today Yiannis Gerontides and his sisters, Athena and Katerina, continue the family tradition, breeding trout, Greek salmon and sturgeon. Their goal is to supply innovative products of culinary value to the market, always based on the fish they breed.

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Visit the region: Lakonia

Laconia can be summed up in one phrase: Magical World. Just like the magical worlds of fairy tales, it captivates one and all with its spellbinding beauty, making it everyone’s fervent wish to drink in that beauty even for a moment! Its history and tradition, its mountain and sea vistas, its genuine people and their deep-seated values, all compose a paradise on earth that no one should miss. The prefecture of Laconia is the southernmost prefecture of Peloponnese and Continental Greece. It gives to the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of Messinia, and the Laconian Gulf.Lakonia could be described as a crossroad where natural beauty meets ancient history. It is the southernmost prefecture of continental Greece. Most interestingly, it invites its visitors on a trip in history through its numerous monuments, extending from ancient and byzantine times to the modern days. Discover legendary Sparta with the glorious byzantine castle city of Mystras and the medieval castle of Monemvasia! Visit the byzantine churches and monasteries, take a walk along the cobblestoned alleys and spend some time admiring the mansions with the arches and the Venetian crests. All these monuments help us explore the rich history of the area. On the other hand, the landscape is characterized by great natural beauty, ideally combining the roughness of the mountains and the serenity of the sea. Experience its magical influence! The rough beauty of Mani, the emerald waters of Elafonissos, the one and only Greek fjord in Gerakas are truly worth exploring! You can also add the valley of Evrotas river, the picturesque Gythio, the countless fishing villages, natural Diros caves, the villages on Mount Taigetos and Parnonas, green gorges, watermills, caves and waterfalls. All these make a heavenly landscape!

Laconia, just like the rest of the Peloponnese, is renowned for its wealth of highly-praised, all-natural local products which one can find at each and every corner of it: its top-quality olive oils, its famed wines, its pure honey, the homemade, traditional “spoonful” preserves, and its aromatic herbs are the basic traditional and delicious products inviting you to taste them. It is on the wholesomeness and unrivalled flavor of those products that local cuisine relies to usher you into unforgettable gourmet experiences and mold the Laconian land’s social culture and local character.

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Μarinated trout from Lakonia "G-Fish" 220g

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Meet the producer: G-Fish
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