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Excellent natural mountain blossom honey that reveals in the palate an attractive, sweet character with delicate flavor and a medly of flowers.

Harvested from the nectar of native plants: wild herbs, thyme, spring heather and many wild flowers growing on the highlands of Mt. Erymanthos in the Peloponnese-southern Greece, far from intensive cultivation, in a pristine ecosystem rich in biodiversity, which is protected by the European Network Natura 2000.

DIOTERRA Pure Raw Honey is 100% natural, unheated, unfiltered, unpasteurized, without preservatives, additives or any mixture with other honey; thus preserving all its nutritional benefits, yeast, enzymes and antioxidants, as well as its antibacterial and antiallergic capacities.

Suitable for vegetarians. Gluten-free and GMO-free.

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    Gold star at the GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016, United Kingdom.
Product History
References of honey can be found in ancient times, where it seemed to hold a special place in daily diet. Ancient Greeks believed that honey was the food of the Gods of Olympus (Nectar of the Gods). According to Greek mythology, Zeus was brought up with honey, by nymph Melissa at Diktaion Andron cave. Also, during the Byzantine period, honey was one of the main parts of the diet in monasteries. Today, the world-acclaimed Mediterranean Diet and particularly the Cretan Diet consider honey to be the main and healthiest sweetener. A symbol of fertility and well-being, the nutritional value of honey is undeniably great. Honey contains simple sugars which are directly absorbed by the body, making it a quick source of energy. It also contains vitamins and precious micronutrients.
Meet the producer: Dioterra
DIOTERRA is a family owned company in southern Greece - Peloponnese, producing top quality healthy products. Our passion for the healthy Mediterranean diet inspired us to establish the brand name DIOTERRA, in which we encompassed not only our honey, but also the best quality products that the Greek land has to offer. Our aim is to share the flavours we savoured as we were growing up and our vision is to reintroduce on gastronomic choices the authentic treasures abundantly found in the Greek land. Our commitment is to provide 100% natural products of high nutritional value without the use either of additives or conservatives. From production, processing and storage to product distribution, we apply the strictest guidelines in order to guarantee excellent quality. Our company has been certified to the international standards for hygiene and food safety of ISO 22000:2005, and by Agrocert for the trading of PDO products.
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Visit the region: Patras

Patras is the largest city and the most significant port of the Peloponnese. The history of the city dates back to the prehistoric period, when it constituted a major centre of the Mycenaean period. During Roman occupation it prospered both financially and commercially and was an important trade centre between the East and the West. Subsequently it was conquered by the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Franks and the Turks until its liberation in 1821. The city's cosmopolitan character, throughout its history, is reflected in its impressive architecture: imposing old mansions, large squares, the Medieval castle, the Roman music conservatory and amphitheatre, St. Andreas church, the neoclassical theatre “Apollon”, to name but a few. Nowadays the city of Patras hosts the largest carnival in Greece, while in the wider region you can visit picturesque fishing villages, pebbled or golden sandy beaches and beautifully forested mountain slopes.

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Pure raw honey «Mountain Blossom», from Achaia "Dioterra" 400g

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Mountain Blossom Honey with the delicate flavor and aroma of a floral bouquet. Harvested from the nectar of native plants growing on the highlands of Mt. Erymanthos in the Peloponnese-southern Greece, in an area rich in biodiversity, protected by the European network Natura 2000.
Meet the producer: Dioterra
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