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Dry White Wine Alcohol Content: 12% vol. From the Moschato Samos variety grapes, cultivated on the mountainous vineyards of the island on built terraced strips at an altitude of up to 800 metres, we get a dry white wine having a greenish yellow colour, crystal clear and bright, with dainty flower and fruit aromas, pleasant acidity and an elegant aftertaste. Enjoy it on its own as an aperitif or to accompany light dishes with aromatic sauces.
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    Silver Medal in the international competition Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2012, Belgium Commended in the international competition International Wine Challenge 2012, UK
Product History
Most of the Greek white grape varieties have roots that are lost in the mists of time. They give us wines that are easily identified by the distinctive elegant aromas of citrus blossoms and ripe yellow fruit, such as lemon, lime or Peach and yellow apple. The level of fruitiness that you taste in a wine leads to very different growing regions.
Meet the producer: Gentilini

Gentilini, was the maiden name of Spiros Kosmetatos' grandmother, last descendant of a family with a long life history on the island. Spiros Kosmetatos happened to spend two years near South African vineyards and Institute of Wine in Stellenbosch. This is where he got the idea and decided to face the challenge of creating, in the Greek area, a wine that would compete in quality with the best wines in the world. Having this challenge in mind, Spiros Kosmetatos returned to his homeland, the island of Cephalonia. After some very careful experimentation on the process of wine making, he launched his harvest products into the market, for the first time in 1984. In 2002, Marianna Kosmetatos, daughter of Spiros, and her spouse, Petros Markantonatos, took charge of GENTILINI coming up with new ideas and a strong creative spirit. GENTILINI keeps experimenting towards the best possible output, respecting local varieties, especially Robola, and focusing on the promotion of their local, special character. This is not without a reason, since its biggest concern is for the highest quality, culinary culture and consumer's pleasure.

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Visit the region: Cephalonia

Cephalonia is the largest of the Eptanisa islands and it is popular for its natural beauty and rare geological phenomena. Many characteristics of the area make it look like an exotic destination. Worth visiting are: the wonderful sandy beach of Myrtos with the greenish-blue waters, the Melissani cave-lake, the Drogarati cave and the beautiful forest of Ainos with the black firs and wild horses. Don't forget to visit the picturesque settlement of Fiscardo, the natural port of Assos, the famous Katavothres, to admire the vines on the terraces, the mansions with the Venetian crests, the unique Xi beach with the red sand and the picturesque fishing villages. The history of the island began millions of years ago and the archaeological findings prove that it was part of the wider Mycenaean civilization. After that, the island was under Roman occupation, then the Byzantine Empire, Venetian Rule, the French and the British, until 1864 when it was finally united with the rest of Greece.

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«Psiles Korfes» Table white wine "Gentilini" 750ml

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A crystal white wine with an intoxicating flowery aroma!
Meet the producer: Gentilini
Map of Greece Visit the region: Cephalonia...