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This rare ouzo has been distilled with the most fragrant anise of Mytilene, which is scattered in the aniseed areas of Lisvori. It is distilled exclusively in early autumn when the aromas of anise are at their peak. A high quality ouzo, based on the old tried and tested recipe of the Spentza family. It was prepared for the first time in 1892 in its distillery in Pergamon and from 1948 until today it is prepared in Mytilene. An explosion of perfumes and emotions in numbered collectible bottles only for connoisseurs and lovers of good ouzo.
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Product History
Ouzo, a traditional Greek distillate, is synonymous with joy and delight, good company, meze and relaxed mood. The main places of origin are the islands of Lesvos and Chios, and Northern Greece. Greek ouzo has been designated by the European Union as a “national product“, which means that the name “ouzo“ is not allowed to be used for any other european drink. In accordance with european legislation, “ouzo“ is the product that consists of at least 20% of distillate of agricultural origin (cereals etc.) and the rest of flavored alcohol with a dominant aroma of anethole (the essential oil of anise). Today, every town or village of Greece has its own traditional ouzeries, serving ouzo accompanied with meze. It is ideally served in a narrow glass with cold water which turns it from crystal clear to milky semi-transparent drink, as anethole is separated in the form of a nebula. Just magical!
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Lesvos is an island of ancient historical interest - an island which has been conquered by many different populations. It was originally inhabited around 3200-2400 BC and in 1100 BC it was colonized by the Aeolians. In the years that followed, it was occupied by Romans, Byzantines and finally by the Turks until 1912, the year when Lesvos was reunited with Greece. Lesvos is situated in the northern Aegean Sea and it is the third largest island of Greece. Its archaeological sites, impressive and dominant Byzantine and Venetian castles, the monasteries and the churches but also the traditional villages, all reveal the island’s history throughout the years. Lesvos can proudly boast about its glorious mountains, valleys, sandy bays and beaches, hot springs and the most impressive “Petrified Forest” which is a must-see for every nature-lover visiting this exquisite island.

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Ouzo (greek distillate) from Mytilini "Spentza" 700ml

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This rare ouzo has been distilled with the most fragrant anise of Mytilene, which is scattered in the aniseed areas of Lisvori.
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