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Product Description
This unrivalled product is the union between the Kythira baking tradition and the experienced instructions provided by highly acclaimed nutritionist Evangelos Zoumbaneas. Initially, the rusk production relies on the certified, premium-quality organic raw materials from small producers. The whole-grain flours milled in a traditional stone mill and the natural sea salt that go into the rusks carry with them all the characteristics of the Greek land which, lovingly tended to by "Astarti", become unique. Their nutritional value is enormous and is owed to their exceptionally high content in dietary fibre and beta-glucans which help in maintaining cholesterol levels in the blood at a normal state. Their two-fold nature, being traditionally delicious and nutrionally wholesome at the same time, makes them a rare treat indeed. To get the best out of them and enjoy all of these rusks' nutritional goodness, dunk your rusks in a bowl of tepid water first. Then, set them on a plate, drizzle them with a teaspoonful of virgin olive oil and top it with a hint of freshly rubbed oregano. Alternatively, turn them into a hearty, nutritional breakfast by crumbling them up and adding milk. The Astarti Kythira Barley Rusks with Natural Sea Salt enjoy the support of the European Institute of Metabolomic Medicine, of the Hellenic Institute for the Study and Research in Nutrition (IDME), and of the Center of Education and Training in Eating Disorders
Whole-grain barley flour, olive oil, sea salt, bread starter (prozymi)
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Product History
A rusk is a food that we encounter from the ancient times until today. Its a form of dry and crunchy bread that has received twice the usual exposure to fire (in a stove). Its recipe resulted from the need of rural families, where the wife was also busy in being involved in agricultural work, was not able to knead fresh bread on a daily basis. Therefore, she used to knead a large quantity of bread once, which was then consumed fresh as long as it could last (2-3 days) and the rest was roasted a second time in the oven, in order to expel excess moisture and last even more. There is a large variety of rusks that are produced from different kinds of flours. Made with simple ingredients, rusks have a high nutritional value as they contain plenty of fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, and micronutrients.
Meet the producer: Harry Tzortzopoulos
Harry Tzortzopoulos

In 2001, after having studied agriculture in Crete and organic farming in the Netherlands, Harry Tzortzopoulos returned to his homeland, the island of Kithira, to cultivate the family-owned olive groves, using organic methods. Harry Tzortzopoulos is both a conscious organic farmer, but also a contemporary businessman. He makes use of the local production generously offered by the land of Kithira and promotes his products in the international market, packaged in a most original and beautiful way, thus continuously being awarded prizes and distinctions for both product and packaging. The trademark of his company, ASTARTI, is the symbol of the olive tree fruit in Linear B script.

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The island of Kythira has been the crossroads of cultures for the people of the Mediterranean. Kythira has been inhabited since the Neolithic era. Throughout the years, Minoans, Phoenicians, Mycenaeans, Dorians, Argives, Spartans, Athenians, Franks, Venetians, Arabs, French and British all came to the island, leaving behind their historical and cultural mark - prehistoric fossils, ancient temples, Venetian fortresses, Byzantine churches, English buildings all proof of the island’s many and various inhabitants through the years. The incomparable beauty of its natural landscape, is characterized by lush vegetation, valleys with running waters, laurels, reeds, olives, thyme, stone bridges, watermills, trails and beaches with crystal clear water.

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Organic barley rusks from Kythira "Astarti" 400g

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A wholesome snack, full of aromas and flavour from the Greek land and sea.
Meet the producer: Harry Tzortzopoulos
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