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Drop of Life, is a Healthy Extra Organic Virgin Olive Oil from a naturally evolved olive variety, Naturally High in Polyphenols and with a low acidity, cultivated by the Greek Olive Estate in Gortynia, Arkadia. "The consumption of Olive Oil Polyphenols contributes to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress." –EU Approved Health Claim. A well balanced, cold pressed early harvest olive oil, with grassy aromas, medium fruit intensity and bitter, spicy lingering taste. Daily consumption of two tablespoons (20g) required for the beneficial health properties to take effect. Enjoy it on fresh vegetable produce and salads.
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    • Cultivated, Produced and Bottled under Organic Standards as part of our 3 year scheme for Organic Certification by BIOHellas. • Compliance with Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on Health Claims.
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Product History
Organic olive oil is the oil that comes from olives of organic farming. According to the principles of organic cultivation, there are specific rules and practices as far as compost, fight against diseases, arrangement of the trees in the olive grove and pruning are concerned. Use of chemicals or other mineral fertilizers, chemical sprays, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides is prohibited. Official organizations of control and standardization shall carry out checks at all stages of production, conservation and bottling, in order to assure and grant the certificate of biological origin to the olive producers. Each organic olive oil must be marked accordingly.
Meet the producer: The Greek Olive Estate
The Greek Olive Estate

Established in 2010, The Greek Olive Estate cultivates, prepares and packages Olive Oils and Olives with one goal to preserve their natural flavour, quality and health benefits. The Estate is situated in the historical region of Arkadia, on the slopes of the mountainous valleys of the Alfeios River. For centuries, wild olive trees have grown in harmony alongside beneficial herbs and aromatic plants, harvested in a timeless ritual and tended with meticulous care by their ancestors. A primary source of health, energy and income, these wild olive trees earned profound respect, a true legacy. The vision started with Costas Mathiopoulos, born on the Estate in the 1940's he later moved to the UK where he became a major supplier of agricultural products to UK Supermarkets. This knowledge of the market, expertise and control throughout the process from the tree to your table, guarantee a genuinely high quality offering. Promoting this rural region, The Greek Olive Estate, work hand-in-hand with the local community and expertise to build the foundations for sustainable development in the region, while bringing to the consumer natural, healthy olive products. The olive oil and olives are a health superfood which should be consumed by everyone, everywhere, every day.

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Visit the region: Arcadia

Arcadia is located in the middle of the Peloponnese, and constitutes one of the most interesting regions of Greece, thanks to its significance in mythology, archaeological treasures and monuments, glorious history and its unique natural beauty. According to Greek mythology, many ancient gods were born in Arkadia. The most important of all, was Panas, the God of music and the countryside. Τhe literary genre of pastoral poetry was developed in Arkadia and that's where the famous Arcadian idealism for life flourished, exalting the love for nature, music, spiritual and physical relaxation and faith in human values. Its wild mountains, impetuous rivers, lakes, wetlands, wildflowers, the myriad of herbs, cultivated land, the mountainous grazing land, the majestic mountainous traditional settlements, and the clear blue sea. All these colour combinations, pictures and contrasts compose the magic of the Arkadian landscape.

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Healthy organic extra virgin olive oil from Arcadia «Drop of Life» "The Greek Olive Estate" 250ml

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A healthy extra organic virgin olive oil with a variety of benefits for the body that impresses!

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Meet the producer: The Greek Olive Estate
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