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Product Description
Ultra Superior EVOO is a koroneiki variety early harvest EVOO with exceptional characteristics. It has unique green aromas of freshly-cut grass, olive leafs as well as artichoke. These aromas that the olive fruit was collected green and unripe. Pleasant notes of bitter almond and green pepper offer bitter taste and an intense after taste of freshness. The olives are hand-picked early, while still green and unripe, in late October-mid November, sorted out and carried to the mill for extraction within hours of harvesting, retaining all their beneficial properties. Α limited quantity, green harvest EVOO of perfect balance, low acidity and exceptional nutritional value.
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Product History
Extra virgin olive oil is the purest form of oil that comes straight from the olive trees, without having undergone industrial processing. It has a strong fruity taste and the distinct aroma of freshly cut olives. A pleasant bitterness and a short- term burning sensation in the esophagus can be present. With a striking 75% of Greek olive oil production to be extra virgin, Greece holds the first position worldwide in its production. Expressed in oleic acid, Extra Virgin Olive oil is the olive oil whose acidity does not exceed 0.8%. Acidity is one of the main criteria for the olive oil quality and the lower the acidity, the higher the quality.
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It is the area where the Olympic Games were born. Right up to this day, the Olympic Games are idolized and are an inspiration to people all over the world. The Prefecture of Elea in the Peloponnese looks like an amazing puzzle; the natural landscape is made up of so many different images. These tell a story of its century-old history. The location and natural wealth of the area all contributed to its development, in both trade and culture. Although it has been inhabited since pre-historic times, it was only during the 8th century B.C. that it flourished, due to the great reputation of the Olympian Sanctuary. Many conquerered this land over the centuries (Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Ottomans), right up to its liberation in 1825. The natural landscape is characterized by the many sandy coasts, stunning beaches and most impressive pine forests. There are valleys with rushing streams, wetlands and thermal baths. The picturesque villages, the ancient oak tree forest of Foloi, ancient places of worship and Sanctuaries, as well as Byzantine monasteries, all make up this magnificent area.

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Extra virgin olive oil «Ultra Superior» P.G.I Olimpia from Lakonia "Ena Ena" 250ml

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This unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively by Koroneiki variety olive trees, up to 100 years of age, in the small mountainous village of Ancient Skillountia, at the sacred land of Olympia.

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