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It is prepared from aged balsamic vinegar from the Cretan grape "Marouva" and Cretan thyme honey. The Minoan tradition is harmoniously combined with modern Greek cuisine to give a special character to your food and salads From 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives and without gluten.
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Product History
Dressings have, for many years now, been widely used in order to enhance the flavor and give a special touch to salads, thanks to the unique texture and variety of their ingredients.
Meet the producer: GAEA
Gaea was founded in 1995. Our name didn’t come about by accident; in ancient Greek mythology, Gaea was Mother Earth—a symbol of fertility and the goodness of the earth. As such, our vision has been to introduce the world to the benefits of the Greek Mediterranean diet by combining exquisite Greek products based on olive oil with our penchant for tradition and simplicity. Gaea is much more than elegantly-packaged wholesome foods and fine ingredients. It is a genuine philosophy of life, at the core of which is a deep appreciation for nature. We’ve always favoured non-aggresive harvesting over large volumes and high yields. And although we invest heavily in research and employ cutting-edge technology, we never stray too much from time-honoured practices. Our goal is to become international ambassadors not just of top-quality olive oil products, but of a better, healthier, more fulfilling way of eating—and living.
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Visit the region: Agrinio
Agrinio is the biggest city of Aitoloakarnania and its history dates back to the prehistoric period. In the 4th century BC, the battles between the Aitolians and Akarnanians took place there, and in 314 BC it was totally destroyed. It reappeared in the 12th century as the Despotato of Epirus and subsequently passed into the hands of the Serbs, the Albanians and finally the Turks, until 1853. The natural landscape of the region is characterised by the Panaitoliko Mountain with its many peaks, Lake Trichonida and the River Acheloos, which runs through the fields of Agrinio.
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Balsamic creme with thyme honey «Oxymelo» "Gaea" 200ml

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Product code: 001813 Gross Weight 310g
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GAEA Oxymelo, the balsamic vinegar of the Ancient Greeks is based on the authentic ancient Greek recipe from the Minoan period.
Meet the producer: GAEA
Map of Greece Visit the region: Agrinio...